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the Amana Priestness is so frikin annoying, keeps spamming soul arrow at you!
Bow & Arrow, Take your time.


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When exiting from the cave of Rhoy's Resting Place Bonfire if you turn right immediately after exiting the cave there is an extremely narrow edge (use torch) that leads to a corpse with a (Large?) Soul of a Proud Knight x1 and a Green Blossom x1.
Warning about the 2nd Milfanito: I walked into the second hut, and saw something sitting against the wall, much like a Heide Knight might. I tried to lock on to it, the lock-on worked, so I believed it was an enemy, as lock-ons don't work on NPCs. It died in one shot, and now I'm pretty sure I killed a Milfanito. Tricksy game developers! >:(
It should also be mentioned that the entire of the Shrine of Amana is a great place to farm Twinkling titanite (Priestesses & ArchDrakes) and Human Effigies (Aberrations).

The way that I do it: 1.) Join Company of Champions. 2.) Equip Jesters Hat & Gloves, Prisoners Tatters, and Covetous Gold Serpent Ring+2. 3.) From Rhoy's Resting Place Bonfire, go right and clear the Farting Mushrooms. Use the Toxic Mist Pyromancy on the Cleric and backout just far enough to where the ArchDrakes wont follow, hammer the Cleric with w/e other spell or arrows so she doesnt heal, then use the Toxic Mist on the Archdrakes. Systematically make your way to the Archdrake at the exit of the house, then backtrack to Rhoy's, Rinse & Repeat. I usually get around 20 Twinkling titanite an hour (or more) with this technique.

Hope that helps.



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Additionally, the same exact loot is straight ahead on the path after killing the third priestess just beyond a stone with a torch on it.
walked right up to her after killing all her buddies. shes doing the "i dont know what to do" gesture so she backs away slowly. she was the reason i died 4 times to the ***** archdrakes so i pelt her with poison knives and watch her as she desperately races to heal the hp she loses to the poison. i add a dark fog and shes literally kneeling to the ground praying for heals. i put down a last dark fog then stab her twice then leave her to her fate. that stupid little uhg.

anyway forlorn invades when you walk from the hut to the direction of the first ogre.



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I did a similar thing but instead I charged toward the last one no weapons just fists and I just wouldn't stop pummeling her also try fighting a ogre bare fisted it's fine its like a five year old boxing mike tyson
Forlorn was harder than other times he appeared. Always have full health with him because if hits you with his heavy attack, you lose so much health.
Were is the Red iron twinblade?
It's right after the 3rd bonfire with the acid shroom bugs in the circle with the 2 priestess' and a couple weak enemies I recommend picking them off with a bow
After exiting the elevator shaft, keep an eye to your right for a Green Blossom behind some destructible vines, on a corpse.
Seriously, ***** this place
Amen brother
How many bonfires in this place?


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Four: (1) Tower of Prayer, (2) Crumbled Ruins, (3) Rhoy's Resting Place, and (4) Rise of the Dead.
You never went through Tomb of the Giants, did you?
Tomb of Giants easier than this place, especially screw this place in Ng+
tomb of the giants in Ng+++ is less infuriating than this area in Ng
Creators of dark souls 2: hey lets create priestresses and f*ck the players. Hmm... Lets add archdrakes and make it even worse.
Scholar of the first sin: this place was sh*t so lets make it sh*ttier.
Idk whats the point of this f*cking archdrakes being so fast with long reach weapons and the water which slows you like hell and those damn snipers
well it's an archdrakes, they lived there and able to move fast because it's their home
Take your time. Bow and Arrow. Put the Pilgrims on your own choice of turf. Much situational awareness. About NG++, this place starts getting Very challenging.