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The door is locked so I'm not able to open the door what key do you need to open it
Never mind
Never mind
The Forgotten key: In the. Lack Gulch inbetween the two worms there's a drop Ito had huge room there is two giants (more if you keep so morning phantoms) you must kill them to get the key and a giant souls(used to weaken vendrick)
Just go down from where you are by the door. Go right from the door off the ledge then down that ledge. Should be 2 giants 1 will have the key.
How do you get there? Giants room I mean
How do you get there? Giants room I mean
How do you get there? Giants room I mean
There is a platform by the two works. Use a torch, it will make it easier to see the different platforms.
To clarify, keep falling (yes, there is a way), so go right from the door, then left, you will face a big hole, the giats are in there.
The Forgotten key which you get for killing the giants
What giants
in the gulch there's a secret area you can get too by falling onto a lower ledge, right near the worms that come out of the wall. you land on a ledge that has a locked door on it (that you need this key for) but if you fall further you find a tunnel that leads to the giants.
Your dropping at the wrong spot, the Giants tunnel is directly below the 2nd Gulch bonfire
The room containing the giants is directly beneath the locked door you first drop on to. Look to the right (when facing the door) and you will see a small ledge under you. Make sure to walk slow, otherwise you might end up rolling off of this tiny ledge that leads to the cave with the giants.
Also remember to keep the giant souls you collect throughout the game. Otherwise vendrick has 16x his normal defense.
if you have 0 giant souls, he will actually have 36x his normal defense.
Do u still play
The giant souls you mean are different from the ones required to lower Vendrick's defense. You get them from The memories, fighting The ancient dragon and the Thing in the dark chasm I believe
For those of you confused by the phenomenally vague and stupid description for the location of the two giants:

Between the two worms that shoot out of the caves about half way down the path to The Rotten boss, if you look over the edge of the cliff you'll see a ledge. A torch will help you see it. Drop down to this ledge, then there will be further ledges that you can keep dropping down onto until you eventually find a large cave opening. Walk into the cave and the two giants will greet you.
Thank you god i was so confused
thank you sir
Be cautious, the second ledge is easy to miss. Its thinner and running jump can cause you to fall off. Simply walk off to land on smaller ledge.
I'm confused...I definitely fought these two and got the forgotten key...I know because I have it and beat that DLC...but no giant's soul.
Giant souls are acquired elsewhere.
i need the key to get to the giants? which are behind the door that the key unlocks...
No, you can drop down from the door's ledge one more level, there are 2 giants in that room
this site is surprisingly crap at explaining where the giants specifically are
I wish this was in a better spot. Black Gulch is a nightmare.
Not only black gulch is an awful area, but the key is obtained by fighting two giant *** enemies on a pitch black room that almost requires you to bring the cheese as high as you can.