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In the passageway to Yuria, I can hear snoring/hissing in a certain spot. We know that Yuria worships Kaathe, and that Frampt snored beneath the shrine in Dark Souls 1. Perhaps it is Kaathe snoring this time?
Near the pillar/entrance to her hallway when leaving grayrat.

As much as I would like that to be true, Sikyx, there is actually just an Undead Dog right outside by that area that you can hear, check it out. Cool theory though.
Is there any enemy in this place except the dog and the sword master? Because I always see a lot of bloodstains around the ground floor of the shrine. and they seem to be killed by someone, not fell off the second floor or anything. And I do realize you can't get invaded whatsoever in firelink shrine
I heard Eygon can go hostile in the shrine.
i ended up killing myself a lot in the firelink shrine because i wanted to go full hollow in order to make a bleed build.
i assume thats what a lot of others do too.

also, many npc's go hostile if you attack and sometimes, they are not even that weak.



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Best way to go full hollow quickly, to poster above, is go to Undead Settlement bonfire & jump off ledge repeatedly.
I believe not only messages but also bloodstains are visible in both untended graves and in firelink shrine at the same time
So, I went through this area, killing each enemy 10 times with an item discovery of 499. Here are my item drops, for reference:

Fading soul: 57
Cleric's Sacred Chime: 17

Turns out, it doesn't look like the enemies drop their weapons, or shields. Damn, I thought I could get an early crossbow here, but nooooo.
I got an early crossbow from the first crossbow guy on the wooden platform in the high wall board
in case you wonder where the shrine is located. It's behind the Twin Prince boss room. If you get out of the starting chamber of Lothric castle and the direction you look at would be "north" it would mean the shrine would be in the "east". That's why we cannot see it if we are in the castle. Why I know it's behind the bossroom? Because we can see the tower from the shrine but no bridge connecting it from the archive. Because the Twin Prince tower is obscuring them. Because we stand in its shadow behind it.
whats the egg with money sign?,+Pump-a-Rum+Crow
So I fell off the latter a little bit in the tower and then a random voice appeared. It laughed and talked about being more careful but he was a tad too late. It was really weird and random, anyone know about this?
That would be unbreakable patches