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I always wondered if this is the actual shield, we know what happened to the original which was heavily damaged and corrupted (Cleansing shield from DS1) so i wonder why this one seems completely fine with no marks at all, so i think this might be a replica of sort or somehow it was repaired and cleaned from the corruption of the abyss (if thats even possible)


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It’s also quite less potent than the original, so it’s very likely that this is not the original. Also, covenants are not made for one person, it’s likely that rewards were given to high-ranking members of the covenants, making it even less probable for this to be the original.
Maybe its a havel type situation, how we killed havel in ds1 but the armor and wearer return, so it could be like how artorias gained followers who recreated his armor or weapons
If anyone wants to trade me this shield, I'd be happy trading for a boos soul or smth (i know thats still not great but...) If not does anyone have a good way of farming the swordgrass?
keep ruins bonfire, 3 enemies on the bridge. use gold serpent and any consumables
Symbol of avarice, crystal rapier, snake +3, ez drop
Equipping the Watchdogs of Farron covenant and killing Host of Embers
boss souls cannot be traded (are invisible for other players)
I will trade you shield for farron greatsword and twin princes greatsword. Meet me pontiff Suhlyvann bonfire my name is ligma.
I don't get why people think artorias was left handed if he were left handed why would his left arm be shattered from blocking with the shield and in his art work he carried his sword in his right hand and people wrongfully assumed before the dlc came out that the knight on the cover of DS1 was artorias also its likely that this is a replica not the original and that it is only a symbol of rank in the watchdogs of farron covenant like a ceremonial saber in the military and just like those it is capable of being used and being better than other more cheaply made weapons but it is not as good as the true masterfully made weapons they were based off of as most weapons are now-a-days
In the first Dark Souls, Artorias's good arm (left arm) was destroyed due to the Abyss. Therefore, he is left handed and he was on the front of ds1. You are wrong in every way.
exactly how Anon above me said it, His right arm was f*cked up by abyss or Manus or something, and since he only has 2 arms it's a lot better to have only a sword than only a shield, also the cover of dark souls has Artorias from behind and the shield is in right hand.
Can someone trade me this shield on PC ? With the full farm build (Chest, +3 ring, 2 rapiers and regular Rusty/Golden Coins) I got only 6 leafs on the swamp in 1 hour + for all that time I was in the Farron covenant and got no auto-invasions. Im really tired and just won't take 4 more hours of this. Maybe you don't have the DLCs and I can give you some boss weapons or something. Steam:
Deleted the link.. Here it is : http s: commu m/id/U ganda Scout/ Or just type in Holneer, I'm the only one with this nickname
I dont play ds3 on pc, but I can give you a tip since I'm grinding my *** off for covenant items since I got no psplus and play on offline mode.I started farming at the swamp bonfire, but even tough it is the fastet, it is annoying as hell. If you go to Farron keep Perimeter bonfire and walk towards the abyss wacthers fight, there will be 2 dark knights coming from below. Simply walk out of the stone doorway, let them walk up to the 2. or 3. tree( you will know it when doing, since they aggro on you afterwards) And walk back in. Wait for them to engage on the enemies, walk outside and afk for 1-2minutes. they should clear the whole area besides 1ghru on the right side next to a tree. Btw if you don't walk outside the doorway after they are aggro'd they won't fight properly and are about to die to the poison from the ghru mage. And either 1 dark knight survives or a ghru right before the abyss watchers. There are about 7-8 ghru's that can drop swordgrass and the dark knights drop pale tongues. So it is a win-win situation. And you don't have to actively play to grind them. After finding that out swordgrass and pale tongue's are the easiest to farm for. ***** Proof of Concord btw
Also for a full farm build, you are missing the symbol of avarice(mimic head) or didn't write about it. It gives 100 item discovery which is massive like a +2 gold serpent. Rapiers and coins only give like 50 discovery(gold 100, but they are limited). !00 discovery equals 45-50 luck so it is rather much. Discovery works like a percentage. Given an enemy drops something with 10% chance with 100discovery, 200 will give it with 20%. So if swordgrass has 2% , it will only give minor returns, but it adds up. With maximum discovery of 600+ you can increase the droprate to about 10% which isn't too bad. By using my method metioned above, you should have alot of pale tongues. I would highly suggest ot dedicate 2-3 days of farming for all covenant items and respec your character to 99luck. Keep in mind that you still need to kill silver and lothric knights for proof and medals, so add some str/dex whatever you are using to not get humiliated or simply use anri's straight sword for obliteration with luck scaling
anyone who could possibly trade me this? wouldnt overly like to farm pvp outside of darkmoon >.<
and forgot it once again, i am on PC, steam id:
it took me about an hour and a half to farm this near farron keep ruins bonfire. wore crystal sage's rapier offhand, covetous gold ring +3, mimic head, and used rusted coins.
oh, i thought it was only a pvp reward
nope. it's not pvp exclusive. i play on ps4 but i don't have psplus. i always play offline.
anyone wanna trade for this i got a plus 4 dragon slayers axe could level up to 5 if you want if you wanna trade message me on Xbox 1 gamer tag RayChandlerHall
you cannot trade upgraded or infused weapons. You can lay them on the ground but the other person won't be able to take it.
^ is wrong you can trade weapons of any infusion with no prerequisites, as for his second point you can trade refined weapons so long as you have or have had a weapon of that level or above
My bad I meant below :p