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There will be a 3rd dlc. Why else would season pass be included in the deluxe edition, which already has 2 dlcs in it?
They're already working on their next game, so no.
Why is the ringed knight spear not listed?
I have a question. If i now buy the season pass, do i get all the DLC's in one time?



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both dlcs aere just so bad wich is rather disapointing. The enemies and bosses are really bad designed. They just gave them some special gimmik that is just unfun to play against. Like this little **** in the ringed city that curse you. Then they gave the harder enemies so much health and stupid moves, i just want some good fights, i dont want to stand around and wait so i can drop on herald, wich is the only way to fight them cause as i said they gave them so much health and yeah they just put like 6 in the same place, good look fighting them the regular way. Also that preacher that summons these ghost bowies is so annoying, i dont want to wait and slowly move forward to fight him and once you get to him he just stands there and let him kill you. For the bosses its the same they just gave them a lot of health and they had the great idea so you have to fight 2 at once, WHY? I just play the dlcs in my first run to get the items and ignore them after
TLDR: Dont expect normal ds 3, the enemies are bad designed, they just gave them some stupid special moves and/or a lot of health, same for bosses, where you have to fight 2 at the same time in 4/6 boss fights.
Their pretty much just like any other boss, relatively speaking. Just alot harder, and so what if they have a gimmick it's not like that's different from a fair amount of the bosses in the regular game. And the enemies in dark souls dlcs are always really hard that's why you have to come up with creative ways to kill them. And just because you want to breeze through a DLC for items doesn't mean it should be easier, most people buy dark souls DLC specifically for the challenge of the really hard enemies.
Git Gud
Ok, first off, *which and i agree partly. I didnt personally like ashes of ariendel. But the ringed city is great. Your constantly complaining about enemies or bosses being really hard for no reason, git gud scrub
r saying that gale is a bad boss. I can understand someone disliking midir (although I like him. so epic) moves around a lot and fighting camera a a lot. I can understand spears of church boss thats boring unless you play on line. demon prince is great its a gank fight but one of them is always a caster but I guess I can understand someone disliking it just because of camera problems in 2nd stage, but gale is practically perfect amazing lore, extremely thrilling good boss weapons very unique and challenging. oh I understand now why you hate these bosses they aren't as easy as covets deamon from ds2 I guess he's more your level
Just got his or go back to your cod on easy mode. Probably a dex build too.
If I enter the dlc areas, And find myself underleveled, Can i leave back to the main game, or do i have to go through it underpowered?
Once you reach a bonfire you'll be able to move freely such as any other map in the base game
What level is recommended for ringed city I'm stuck on the demon prince
I’d say sl 100- 120 min maybe it’s definitely a very hard area and the bosses here are very strong so you should be having trouble especially if this is your first run
NG++ soul level 100 strength build having a hard time beating gal, tips? I tried getting good and using +0 Brocken Brocken straight sword by the way.
Did u try uninstalling that always works
I feel like at NG++ you should be a level a lot higher than 100. I'm still on my first NG, i'm done with the vainilla bosses and will now do the dlc, and im sl 110.
i bought the ds3 deluxe edition that includes the base game and the season pass but i passed the main game and i cant access the dlcs gael isnt in the cathedral and the bonefire to access the ringed city isnt there as well. any help guys?
You have to go to the play store and you should find the dlc are free if you bought the deluxe edition
Bloodborne 2 or Dark souls 4???
No more darksouls, I believe bloodborne 2 and a Nioh sequel is in the near future
Bought dark souls 3 the fire fades opened it and it does not have the dlc is it within the disc? I want to gift dark souls to a friend and keep the dlc.
It's on the disc