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I wanna love this weapon so damn much , but its just simply too weak......Like waaaaaay too damn weak , almost like they added it purely as a troll
That's where you're wrong, kiddo.
why does it say toyko game show under the movesets and videos
It's just place holder text
Just got this baby today. It's pretty badass! But why did I have to spend all my bloodstone chunks and rocks on the Reiterpallasch when Simon's bowblade has way higher scaling? Now I'll have to farm them all over again! Why can't bloodborne have an option for dissassembling weapons? This would save some extra time for farming new materials.



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Because you have to suffer XD
The Soulsborne games never give the chance to disassemble the weapons once you have upgraded them
You have to farm the materials if you want to upgrade a new weapon
Anyway, you can farm Blood Stone Chunk in the upper Cathedral Ward by killing the Blue Eyes warewolves
They usually drop Twin Blood Stone Shards and sometimes Blood Stone Chunks
I don't mind we cant get our***** back but at LEAST on Dark Souls 1 you could farm Dark Wraiths for chunks that could be broken down into Large titanite which could be broken down into Shards. And it wasnt like, 1% drop rate -.-
Probably the most fun weapon in the game for me you feel like a ninja and you can chain some insane combos with the switch attacks and max lvl with high skill and bloodtinge this thing can dish out damage against mob enemies.
the arrow you shot with bullets