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Hey guys!

I used this weapons for my Ringed Knight build (boring build stupidly powerful) and i scarcely loose. I was wondering though, how much poise do you get during the WA. It doesnt seem to give enough to tank even one R1 from halberds, UGS, Greathammers, Greataxes.
You definitely get a lot of hyper armor from doing so. I did the charge from the weapon art and was wearing the Firelink set (only gives you like 16 poise) and I was able to poise through a two handed curved greatsword.

So take that with a grain of salt.
Coincidently the WA moveset comes close to the heroes sword moveset from Seiken Densetsu.
Does anyone have a ringed knight straight sword they don't need? I accidentally deleted mine, and I was really looking forward to use it. If you have one, please message my psn: Username244
When you don't know what NG+ is.
Diccpicks incoming
scaling with faith/int is practical non existent This is a pure str/dex weapon.
Yes i have about 20/20 int/fth and the fire damage is 20 + 1 at the weapon +10
When the sword is ignited it kinda reminds me of the penetrating sword from demon's souls. Might be good for cosplay of the penetrator.
The penetrator, lmao
Grow up.


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That one dude on March 26th seems high and might lmao
Sorta disappointed, would love it if it could work equally as well with a faith/int build.
I think they should either improve the base dmg of the sword or improve the WA dmg or make it a 5 hit guaranted combo instead of 4. Because i only see the splitleaf or the RKPG from the DLC. Although its good enough and i love it.
The best combo is WA r1 r1 r1 r1 not WA R2 its a 5 hit
The weapon-art R2 has a slam follow-up after the initial lunge. Also, iirc the slam has some hyperarmor to it. There are quite a few follow-up R2 attacks that are rarely used, though some need a charged R2 prior to be able to use.
u gotta be careful of that r1 spam, maybe WA r1 r1 r2?
I feel like this weapon was From's apology for making the Firelink GS so crappy. Anyone else notice the WA R1 combo is basically Soul of Cinder's 5-part special attack, just with a final slash in place of the explosion?
The Firelink GS is still great. It's WA just sucks and is super-punishable, making it only really good for the self-buff. In the hundreds of duels I've had since the arenas came with the 1st DLC, I've only hit 1 person with that WA.
I honestly feel like it’s under powered. Especially for late game. Although...It does seem good for a Abyss Watcher 2nd phase cosplay if glitches are patched. I do think the fire dmg should be higher though.