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Seeing people use this ugs makes me smile. My chaos dagger trembles in its sheathe. >:)
Just you wait until you try rolling away but get stunlocked by the first L1 spam.


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Not to be rude but it looks like some people aren't even bothering to read notes. Every attack except for Jump/Plunge can be Parried. Doesn't matter if holding "Y" activates the W.A, you are 1 handing a U.G.S. While this thing is fun and appears to have a tiny hitbox for small damage next to you/Dagger; Your damage VS Stamina on WA is going to be lower than the next U.G.S. Maybe some Dex builds will like this but there's also Infuseble/buffeble options. Be really sure you don't want those Scales before upgrading this.
Guys, L1, L1. True combo. If you miss the first one reset and try again. Move weird and unpredictably, keep the range tight. It's good! Never go for the 3rd L1, you will get parried 50% of the time or they'll just roll away. It's the early game Gael's annoying goober break dancer speciál. Invest in health and endurance over damage early SL, you'll have a way easier time on your resets when you whiff the L1. If you got the balls, try to parry, but dont parry king yourself into the hate mail. Dont be afraid to be that kid lol ds3 is full of cheap***** like all the pansy straight sword users.
All i'm saying is that if you keep pressing L1 i'm going to press L2 on this parry shield right here



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Wolf knight great sword spin works great against the L1 spam
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I wish the l1 would be the weapon art (non-fp using) and the l1 then would be those quick dagger strikes the abyss watchers use.