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It really helps to teleport into the back of the camp from the west side, where you can take out Momma Dearest (or whatever her name is) by herself. I fought the whole camp at once and did great until she came up and two-shot everyone in my party -_- Then you can take out the guy along in the other part of that building, then the two guys in the main courtyard, then the front gate guys, then finally the potion guy in the back. Easiest fight ever.
Anyone know which skill book Saheila gives in lieu of a source point? I'm trying to decide whether I want her to give me a source point or the skill book or an alternative skill book.
I got farsight (huntsman skill)
You can also have 5 points in persuasion and some points in constitution and talk about how you have some wares to trade and they let me in free
I finally figured it out. After the patch, you should get someone with the teleportation skill stationed on top of the sentry platform just outside of the main entrance to the mill. Then, have Seheila sneak towards you, avoiding the sight line of the moving Lone Wolf (that means you move to the right, towards the guy looking at the water, behind the stack of wood). After you switch back to the one with the teleportation skill, quickly cast it and teleport her beside you, because Seheila will start sneaking BACK to your PC and she might get spotted. Escort her beyond the traps and you should get the achievement.
(The sentry platform is the one with the oil barrel and the trap. Afterwards, use the teleportation pyramids to get everyone else out.)