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Has the lowest investment in luck/vitality, so it's ideal for late game builds.
pyro actually does.
this is a good class
The most interesting part of this class is being able to use Uchigatana from the very early game.
Should I use mercenary if I want to go a farren greatsword build later on?
probrably, but knight might be better for a str/dex build
Is a class that needs to level up it's skills
I really liked this character because of the cool armor, move-set with the weapons as well as the badass label of being a mercenary! This is the most I've ever been invested in a Dark Souls game and I'm almost at level 100. Some early advice for newbies that just want to get better at the game in broad strokes:
1. Level up as often as possible, not only in health but in endurance ( I prefer like a 3-5 level difference between the two)
2. Stick with one weapon and collect as much titanite as possible. Try to also look for the raw gem as this will help a lot in the early game.
3. I used the sellsword twinblades and used the raw gem on it. After a couple bosses, I actually switched to the sharp gem on it as it's a better long-term investment since it scales up with Dex.
4.The most controversial: use your boss souls to level up. I know the weapons are really cool but unless you see yourself using it for a while just use the souls for more important things like leveling up.
5.. Look for estus shards!
As somebody who has played the game a few times, I one hundred percent agree with your advice, except for what you say about boss souls. If any of the weapons have extra damage (such as the Dragonslayer Armor's axe having additional lightning damage), they are worth it (if they fit your build as well). Depending on build, the weapons you would want will vary (strength builds that want to put a minimum of points in Dex should get the Dragonslayer Armor's axe, the Firelink Greatsword/the Profaned Greatsword, and Vordt's Greathammer). The only soul I transpose on all characters is the Soul of a Stray Demon for Havel's Ring (I also usually get the Prisoner's Chain from Champion Gundyr, but sometimes I use it for souls and others I get his halberd).
Fair points, and like I said it really depends on your build. I started out with the sellsword twin blades and thought that was just what I was looking for in terms of speed and after the sharp infusion and max titanite, damage. I didn't think any of the boss weapons offered a huge advantage over what I already had so I decided to use them for leveling up and possibly upgrading my weapons even further
this is a good class if your going lothric knigthsword/sorcerer. it starts with 10 str, and 16 dex. only 3 lvls used on the sword. (11str/18dex) then if you go 60 int you have 2 lvls saved from faith, compared to depreved. im almost ng and im depreved because i was dumb. -_-
if you compare herald and merc dex\faith stats minmaxing the differences are: herald has more vitality and cant level int, merc has less vit and can level int, thus merc can use some utility sorceries while herald relies completely on miracles, seems logical and good for roleplaying
Yup but for a dex/int build, assassin or even sorcerer seems better. Mercenary is more for a pure dex build i think.
Best starting class