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anyone know where to find this sheild?
It's along a side path to the right at the first Road of Sacrifices bonfire, where you encounter the Bandit and Fallen Knight enemies.
Go to the next bonfire after Crystal sage and go to the top of the hill I think its at the cathedral of the deep
It's anri's shield
Yup, just mandatory for a good anri cosplay
I feel like the timing of this shield's parry (and the other crest shields' as well) is slightly different from other standard shields
Agreed, I think the active parry frames start later.
I can't find Anri in either location even though Ludleth gave me her sword
When you kill Horace in the Smouldering Lake, you shouldnot tell Anri about his place.
That's why you did not find Anri.
So Crest Shield isn't there, in fact nothing is there, not Anri, nothing. Of course Ludleth disintegrated so I can't get Anri's sword either. How the f.... Ugh. Welp, I guess here I come NG+, so I can actually do any of that as well as Orbeck and Sirris' entire questlines.
Have two versions of the sword if you want one?
Change location description to: From the "Cathedral of the Deep" Bonfire, head up the winding path to the right of the stairs. The shield will be in front of a gravestone at the top."

The current text is entirely vague.


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This shield's dark resistance will make Gael's second and third phases much easier. I've soloed Gael four times, three times without a shield, and on the fourth, I got tired of not quite making it to the end and decided to whip out the crest shield. If Gael did not die that very attempt, he died on the next one because his dark damage out put was so greatly reduced.
I wonder why they didn't name this something more specific, like "Abyssal Crest Shield" or "Deep Crest Shield." The others have specific names.
yeah, video was crap.