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According to the guide, there's one more Coldblood type, Revered Great One Coldblood. Worth 100 000 souls.
DLC perhaps... we wish.
sry fer 3x post, dodgy connection
DLC perhaps... we wish.



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We can add this to the wiki if someone can confirm its existence in game. Otherwise it may go under the "unused content" tab :)
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it was worth 40k when i got it in a chalice dungeon
DLC perhaps... we wish.
frenzied (8) is 3000
I have gotten (12) its 20000
U can get old one cold blood (40k) from great pthumeru llhyl layer 3
Knowing from software's hoe *** theirs probly a super duper important use for it else where
Where to find Great One Coldblood?
I just found a Great One Coldblood(40000) in a depth 3 chalice root dungeon (Lower Pthumeru Root Chalice).
I just got a Great One Coldblood from a player made dungeon. Most player-made dungeons seem to be pretty generous with material.
Its crazy how none of the clots you get from bosses goes to weapons up grades
kin coldblood (11) is 10000
kin coldblood (10) is 8000
Using cold blood restores lost health? huh never knew that
Got a normal great one coldblood in a lower pthumerian root chalice with no offerings, so not too high level.
Not sure how you're doing it but I tested it out and using coldblood does NOT restore lost health, in fact it does nothing to your healthbar at all.