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You need to have all rings in your inventory to get the achievement, to answer that guys question from 2 months ago.
I did not have every ring in my inventory and I still got the achievement.
I can't seem to find the " L E V E L " I used to deactivate the Ballista, I used a lever to do it... Help? (LOL Look at me I'm a grammar Nazi, Aren't I helpful? I'm so Helpful. Did you guys see how helpful I was?)
Dammit no +2 at least
seriously? i have to go through all the trouble i did to DEACTIVATE the mega avelin to REACTIVATE it? wth?

well, that's stupid.
Just skip the first and grab the plus one.
But you have to get all of the ring variations to get the achievement/get the trophy/whatever it is to get on nintendo, if the even have a setup like these.
The Speckled Stoneplate Ring+1 location is here!