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im pretty sure that i saw that ring in dark firelink (that is hidden behind ilusory wall after oceiros boss)
indeed. from bomfire, take first turn left.
This ring is useless unless you have like 30+ Attunement LOL
Yup, now if you had to choose to increase your estus or ashen flash reinforcement this might be useful
Wish it worked with Executioner's sword FP recovery and Simple infusions, too...
So, do you technically rob this off your unembered corpse in the past?
Following the thought of the comment below me, I'm guessing the ashen estus ring was our original burial gift for becoming an unkindled. I like to think we pretty much grave-robbed ourselves and took the ring when we go back in time to the Untended Graves. Then the gift we choose at character creation is the gift we left for ourselves in exchange.

If you left a;

Life Ring - *****ing pointless, embers fill that shtick, does the job better than 4 normal or 3 +3 Life Rings. Embers are consumable, but can be pretty much farmed.
Divine/Hidden Blessing - no one uses these consumables. It's the ol' 'this looks important/hard to get, I'll keep it for later' RPG superstition/mindset.
Black Firebomb - smart choice, Iudex Gundyr on easy peasy mode. It's lube for players new to Souls.
Fire Gem - another smart choice, can't use it for Gundyr, but very useful in Cathedral of the Deep area. This lube only starts to take effect +6hrs later, but lasts longer.
Sovereignless Soul - *****ing cheap ***, you are a strict asian parent to your past self.
Gold Coin - Kudos, you gave yourself lottery tickets, but the grand prize is $25, and you only have 7 tries at 15% chance of winning.
Young White Branch - lube for a small specific area. Keeps giant archer dad from ****** you with 7ft poles for arrows in the ***.
Cracked Red Eye Orb - Lawful evil alignment, being a douche by doing what the game allows you to do.
Nothing - Player characters in Dark Souls have always been douches. Douche to the NPCs, douche to the bosses, douche to Priscilla and her fluffy tail, and douche to other players by invasion. Choosing nothing means you're a douche even to yourself.
You've put decent effort into this buddy, good job. *pats on his/her back*
What I'm thinking is that you were given one thing, and then the queen of Lothric gave you this on top of that. Seeing as how you don't start with it, but rather get it from yourself, then it's possible that the players character ignored the burial gift because they knew the emotional significance of the burial gift and left it there. Remember mow, when you pick up the ring, it doesn't take anything away from you. Thus meaning that it couldn't have been a swapping of items, but just picking up the ring instead. At least that's my theory about this clusterfukk.