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This ring should increase max FP by a flat amount, 11 sounds about right for normal RoF, and 14/17/23 for the + versions. Or maybe regenerate 0.19 FP/sec for all versions instead...or both.
% up like all the others. FP regen is cheesy, because of several WAs you can use if you have even 1 FP left.
Can you get the +3 ring on normal NG?
you can get it on your first play trough ,just managed to snatch it with ease .
"Everything you could ever want!"
Memes aside, this ring really has everything you could ever want (specifically health, stamina, and vitality).
RoF +2 reaches 161 stamina at 35 endurance, passing the 160 softcap and saving you 5 points (6 points if you have the RoF +3 version).
RoF +2 with LifeR +3 breaks the normal health cap at 40 vigor (same with RoF +3).
And of course vitality, the bonus and gets higher the more points invested.
Probably the most important part is no drawbacks (other than taking up a ring slot).
doesn't give FP, if th goal was to make it a little boost to everything, it should of added FP
You can cheese the Sulyvahn's beasts with a greatbow. Aim for the head and run back up the ladder when they charge over. They telegraph their charge/movement actions. You can usually get in two, sometimes three shots with a greatbow before you need to leave. While the beasts will never stop aggroing if you stay on the ladder, leaving the building the secret door is in and waiting 8 - 15 seconds will deaggro them. You can hear them stomp off. Repeat. Shouldn't take more than two cycles. I was getting nearly a thousand damage per hit on a headshot with Millwood arrows + Hawk ring to compensate.
Or you can do the same , but drop attack off the ladder
or you can simply kill them with whatever and stop using wiki for useless posts


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OR you can git gud.
I just had the pillar between me and the beast, then I shot Great Chaos Fireball repeatedly until it dies.
Toxic and invisibility nibba
I nominate that the technique of repeatedly equiping and unequiping this ring to rapidly restore stamina while running be called fapping.
Umm, found +3 without going NG.
It's because the +3 rings are available in the DLC
Indeed and having the +3 rings available there even on NG is absolutely moronic considering the +1 and +2 rings were one of the points of NG+ and beyond. Lazy Souls 3.
Went to the location of the RoF+2 but wasn't there. Any ideas?
Were you in NG+2?..
Of course the best one is dlc and no ng+ needed



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One Ring to rule them all