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i am going to try my luck with the regular old club that deprived get in the assylum, probably a bad idea but its just for fun
That’s a little worse than a +5 zweihander good luck
Unless you just parry all of his attacks (except grab) , then it should't be much of a problem, if you can't parry him at the moment, i recommend that you keep practicing parrying, then you might win
save sun bro, he helps alot
Yeah, having Solaire in the fight trivializes Gwyn. My first fight with Gwyn i died because i tried to roll backward into a pillar, , but Solaire landed the killing blow in Geyn in the “You died” screen half a second later. Solaire is a boss
on my 1st run of the game i 1shot gwyn :facepalm: I ended game and still dont know how to parry. R.I.P hope rest 2 im playing next are bit tougher
by the way if you have trouble dodging and your lightweight you can use a dark wood grain ring which has improved rolls. you can get it by killing ninjas in the area that’s blocked of by the door that requires crest of artorias in darkroot garden.
Only heal when gwyn jumps back, kicks or attempts to grab. Also if he’s in range you can attack him at any of those times. Plus roll to the right when he does a jump attack and lock on now attack and roll backwards 2-3 times if you keep doing that you should win. Or you could stay locked on during the fight. If you think your good at parries you can throw that in every once in a while too.
Me: *Drinks Estus Flask to heal* Gwyn: Wait, that's illegal!
I can only beat him by parrying, which makes it too easy, if i do not parry it feels impossible