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Rom, the Byrgenwerth spider that hides all manner of ritual secrets. Rom... ROM... Read-Only Memory? “Data stored in ROM can only be modified slowly, with difficulty, or not at all.” No wonder Willem entrusted her with the secret. Homegirl’s practically got photographic memory, even if she doesn’t know what to do with it. Unlocking it is half the challenge, but then the Hunter has to try and rewrite history—or perhaps to protect it from what could have been, and to bury the temptation of the secret once again?
The little spiders can drop 1 Madman's Knowledge. Drop rate seems low, as I got only 2 while fighting Rom for like 3 hours, each time killing spiders in phase 1. Dunno if anybody else mentioned it yet, but well, here we are
it might be a little bit better if it wasn't a ****ing gank fight that punishes you for going after the actual ****ing boss
This feels more like a ds2 boss than a bloodborne boss
Bwahahahahha.... everyone whining about this... killed her first try with the axe. lmao
rofl awwww someone buthurt that I'm good at these games? rated me down for killing it easy lol.....


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It's likely more to do with the fact that not only are you bragging for the sake of bragging and generally trying your best to sound as pretentious as humanly possible, but your comment doesn't actually contain any useful information that other people can apply to their own strategies (your stats, method, any buffs used etc). The only thing we can gather from your comment is that Rom can be killed with the Hunter's Axe, and to be honest, I think everyone already knew that.
Killed this boss without even stepping through the fog, with my eyes closed, while Jack in it.
haha what a noob bro, i beat this boss by ejaculating inside my ps4 and hacking the game with my super sperm, git gud idiot LOL!!!
Student set and patience are crucial to this fight. To people complaining that this boss is super unfair, FROM has made much harder bosses before, *cough* ornsteinandsmoughnamelesskingpursuer *cough* So stop whining and learn the game better, play better, and be patient. Patience is the key in every soulsborne game I've played (which is all of them).
To clarify, my first run of the game I was roughly level 60 with points placed into vitality, skill, and endurance. I used the student set and a threaded cane+6 with only whatever blood gems I could find in the base game, without using chalice dungeons. The fight was pretty dang easy after that. Just stay away from the spiders (or hit them from the back) smack the heck out of Rom. If she moves, gtfo or get crushed. Rinse and repeat. Also, you can summon one of a couple or so old hunters here. Doesn't matter which because they're just bait so you can heal. Play safe by being patient and you'll die less.
I dislike Rom as it is but when I found him in a chalice dungeon I felt rippedoff. How dare they put what got to be the most useless bossfights in a small dungeon making it impossible to maneuver and dodge his ice attacks. Sorry if I'm salty but it really REALLY pissed me off.
Literally just pick off the little spiders one by one and then smash the big one. What's so hard to understand? Have some patience. These games were never about dodging stuff and looking epic, but rather they are about survival. She's the easiest boss in the game (except Micolash) if you adjust your approach by a tiny amount. Hell, even her magic attacks are telegraphed half a minute earlier and easy to dodge.
I do agree that she is one of the easiest, but she is far harder than Witches of Hemwick.
Ok so important feature of this boss fight, the baby spiders do NOT respawn. I assumed they would because of mob spamming in the ds3 greatwood fight and in gravelord nito but they don't, you can just kill all the baby spiders 1 by 1 and then attack rom. good to know because my favorite part of the epic boss fights in soulsborne is methodically picking off trash mobs one by one
There is one item that makes this fight laughable: the Loch Shield. It makes you almost invincible against Rom's arcane attacks. Just kill those little spiders in each phase and watch Rom: when it rolls, simply move away from the range of its attack and when it summons the meteors put up your Loch Shield and run. The most it took me with my 56 VIT on NG+ was about half the bar, but it's easy to walk through the meteors with just like 10% of health reduced. I really struggled with Rom on NG and eventually I killed her with a summon, and I struggled on NG+ having failed many times. Once I thought of using the Loch Shield it was an instant victory. The tricky part is of course you have to get first to the DLC and kill the first boss (and then explore some more) to get the shield, but if you've already done that, then you don't have to worry about Rom. With the shield it's almost guaranteed you'll kill her on the first encounter.
This fight is just a boring slog. I wouldn't even say it's difficult so much as an endurance test.