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Literally just beat him first try... so let's focus on that instead of how Crystal Sage killed me ~20 times and I couldn't get through Abyss Watchers without a summon. It's interesting how everyone struggles with different bosses. Anyone else found Pontiff easy with two-handing (BKS+3) and no shield? Was just aggressive as hell, played it like a Bloodborne boss.
Some bosses like Sulyvahn and Aldrich after him have a large luck component involved. I'm guessing he never tried to do his infinite beyblade show on you.
Pontiff Sulyvahn was by far my hardest boss, but the fight is so epic. Same with the Abyss Watchers. Although Sages were hella easy for me
Me too. Beat him on the first try with no summons as a sword and board build. Heavy Dark Sword +6 buffed, Black Knight Shield, and green blossom made this fight easy. Land a few fast attacks, circle around him clockwise while turtling with shield, and repeat. The clone is easily dispatched with fast hard-hitting attacks from the Dark Sword.
Just beat him at SL 15 lol twinkin ain't easy
It is if you use a shield. Also makes the Dancer fairly easy to beat especially if you use the DANK HAND OF TWINK.
I personally think he is Gwyndolin's son because how could he get into Irythill otherwise, hence the weak illusion generating sword and it reflecting his true nature
He's from Ariandel dude. It's concrete lore.
When fighting this boss you have one question on your mind, WHEN IS YOUR COMBO GONNA END? IT'S LIKE A 12 HITS COMBO NOW!?!?
I don't think it necessarily even ends. He just moves from one combo to the next with no cooldown in the right circumstances.
summoning is the aswer for everything
Well, it's an alternative for not using a shield. With a half-decent shield he's probably easier solo as he has far less health.
git gud
Npc summons are for wusses and people that love the cowards way out, which I assume would be you??
The cowards way out is suicide, not summoning, ya fukkin doosh
I am no Dark Souls expert but I beat the Pontiff using the tactics of a shield and strafing to my left (Pontiff's right). He is so fast initially I nearly lost all my health just adjusting to his speed. When strafing around him prepare to adjust your movements as he leaps away. I was using a Heavy Mace +5 and a Dark Knight Shield +1 with 24 in Vigor and 21 in Endurance. What really helped me with this fight was having one summons which was Anri as she is well armoured with plenty of health. She was a great distraction and particularly helpful when the Pontiff produced a phantom. By the end of the fight she had over half her health left so she can take some punishment! Whilst he is producing his phantom get some aggressive hits in as you'll hit both of them.
I followed these steps and it took me only two tries to down the Pontiff. I used a sharp Brigand Twindaggers +7 and the Dragon Crest shield and just stuck to the Pontiff's right hip and kept my shield up. I started to get the feel for when I could swing once, maybe twice and when he jumped away, drank an Estus. When he started to summon the phantom, I switched to duel wield and took the phantom down just as it was leaping away. Then popped the shield back and stuck once again to his right side. Thanks for the tip!
"The attack pattern of the clone will always preempt the attacks of Sulyvahn." having spent some quality time today with Ol' Sully, I can say that this is definitely false. The clone can also be completely out of sync with the original and do lots of attacks while the original just steps around and doesn't repeat them.
Why does he not have his own armor set?
Not everyone gets their own stuff. FROM always runs out of time with development even as it is.
why cant i see npc summons at pontiff (i used an ember and did reaload the area)?
Two of the summons have fail conditions but I don't think you can piss off Gotthard. Another bug perhaps.
be sure to look around a bit, anri's summon sign is in front of a small statue to the right when facing away from the fogwall
Npc summons are for wusses
He keeps dodging my fireballs.
git gud scrub
His name is NOT pronounced Sullivan. Sulyvahn is not even close to the original way of spelling Sullivan. Different name completely.