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hey i forgot to say but i’m on switch. i’m the message under this one about the four kings
Starting new character looking for someone to play the whole game with Xbox one gamer tab Vexf
Ohhh Ill play the game through with you :)
switch user, could use some help with nito if anyones willing!
yo i got you man. my names daveeeed and if you could i also need help on the four kings. friend me if you want.
what level are you cause we need to be close. i’m 112
hey need a pyromancer with lvl10+ who helps me get Quelana because all others are dead and my flame is +1
Need help with Manus. Ps4
Ayo gamertag is bluedudechew ps4 sould lvl195 sunbro. Add me for help
Wanna help with Four Kings?
i sent you a request i’m waitingtodiesoon
LF help w/ Four Kings. first playthrough. I’m already at the gate; anyone out there?
Ah, yea. I’m in Switch beeteedubs.
I can help. Im on ps4
Still need help? EvisceratingWind on PS4
hey i’m on switch. i don’t know if you still need help but if i can get the lord soul i can help out. i’m new game plus 3 and my names daveeeed.
Need to get a whole lot of sun medals. anyone need help?lvl 285
I'm a level 100 and have basically finished most of the game. I am looking for someone to co op with for fun. I'm willing to start a new game too. I'm on x box one but have the old version of the game. Thx.
Need help at Nito SL 38