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How to master parrying in 3 steps:
starting with the assassin,
1. Parry/Riposte the grave warden without getting hurt, there is one by the first bonfire
2. Parry/Riposte the tutorial gundry without getting hurt until it starts its 2nd phase. 2nd phase is optional.
3. Parry/Riposte the sword master without getting hurt
Once you master that, you should be able to parry anything and begin your journey to parry perfection.
check aaand
nope still getting my *** handed to me by sulyvahn and dragonslayer armour
Just parry with your hand
problem sloved
just *****ing catch the blade with your bare hand what are you some sort of casul?
Nah what are you on? Just bite the blade, god, casuals these days.
Parry with fist, reposte with buckler Try casul, then try torch
Somebody add the Llewellyn Shield to weapons that have the Parry skill
can someone explain to me if the dark sword's r2 are parryable? it doesn't seem so


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It’s just a weird timing.
Why do so many people send hate mail after they get back stabbed for parry spamming? In short try git gud.
Okay 1st of all I like to meet good players. But this is deferentially something broken. I don't mind good parrying but you basically can parry everything even when you use ultra great swords you just get stubbed in the back...... So ya either way you f....d. Just a tip if you see player with parrying shield they typically do nothing and wait for you to attack them..... So much fun Okay. I mean parrying is OKAY but stabbing in the back during skill move or swinging ultra sword is pure bs. And also what kind of PvP players load their stats before battle lmao. You load it in fight NOT before of course it be easy kill when you boost like 3 thing lmao PvP my a.. I rather invade.
Salty casul's opinions don't matter...ever.
I riposted Lorian. Surprised the hell outta me.
some bosses can be riposted once staggered from being hit hard enough


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Is there any gear with increased Parry Frames like in Dark Souls?
The Buckler, Target Shield, and Small Leather Shield have the most parry frames.


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All small shields have the most parrying frames, on par with the parrying dagger. Caestus is one of the faster parries in the game, that is used often, but does not have as many frames. Really it is preference, since they are all different.
All you do is R1, all I need is L2.
I call bull*****I used an ultra great sword an my *** got parried
if you're one handing it
Curved greatswords are a separate class from ultra greatswords
"Two-handed rolling and running R1 attacks from these weapons can still be parried."