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Can't stress this enough, guys - TAKE HIM TO THE WATER. The boss arena is way larger than it looks. I first thought the shore ends a couple steps into it and that I would fall to my death, similar to Hydra fights in Dark Souls. The opposite is the truth. By fighting him on the water, you can EASILY avoid the lightning attack in phase 2 and you don't get stuck on rocks or against a wall while trying to avoid his fast sequence attacks. As for my strategy, I parried him to death. Used Blade of Mercy +10, Hunter's Pistol and Runes for V. ATK (restore bullets, restore HP and do more DMG with V. ATK). On NG it took about 3-4 parries to end phase 1 and another 3 to finish him off in phase 2, doing something over 2500 damage per visceral.



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My first playthrough took me about 20-30 tries to beat this dude. Ever since I try Augur of Ebrietas (for Backstab) and parrying, first try boi. But to parry Orphan is really precise, almost frame perfect parry.
Imho - very fair fight, played DLC on NG+ took him on 4th attempt. It's not too spammy, you can parry him, dodging most of his attacks is fairly easy - but he can punish you for mistakes quite hard.. One of my favorite bosses in BB.
"The sky and the Kosmos are one." When you start the fight, you can hear him sobbing, he might be even crying, just like the sky; Rain is falling - The sky itself is "crying".
HOLY FREAK after like 30+ attempts, I finally beat him! 0 blood vials left, and then I just desperately wailed on him in a panic. Never doing it again, him or Laurence.
This is my first playtrough and he’s hard as hell But just try to lure his phase 1 jumping attack and give him some smacks
Never fought a boss this hard before in my entire LIFE, Nameless King has been dethroned. I am never fighting this boss again.
After that comment I managed to beat him next attempt. I never felt so good in my life....but I am still not fighting him again.
NK? Laughs in Midir Congratulations for beating him thou, he's damnably hard
About what level is considered right to fight him in?
Most would suggest at the very least level 4.
Laurence, Orphan of Kos and Ludwig... the BIG THREE!


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Learn to parry all of his attacks in the first phase, EZ damage. Make sure you have the Oedon Writhe rune equipped so you never run out of bullets. This worked wonders for me. Then on the second phase whip out the old hunter bone, and the rest is skill. Beat him after 30+ tries, but it was rewarding as hell.