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This is near impossible on ng+3 he never stops teleporting when 5% health is left then the 2nd fight is just a cluster i haven't had this much trouble since the first time i fought him and im using a 720 base dmg greatswoard with Lightning infusion i can usually take him down in 5 heavy hits max or hit and runs but his RNG is insane.
Edit: i can take his 1st phase down thats it his roll catching is worse then nameless king #Camerasouls
I'd suggest killing Friede first
Do you think these brothers were incestuous?
I found it easier with sirris summoned
seriously ? she's trash, she keeps healing directly in front of the boss
Killed some other hard bosses first try by playing with no shield all game. Died here a good 15 times at least. That roll-catching is *****ing brutal.
Guys could anyone please help with this boss my user name is Abd_kabli33
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there is no "brothers". this is about the inner and outer soul of Lorian. Lorian is the "official heir" the one who fullfills his duties. but that's only a shell. His true self is "Prince Lothric" (no given name! think about that!) who hates what he had became, broken and a marionete of his family. This is a revenge story. Another hind to that is that we can find "prince Lothrics" clothes right after the first castle bonfire in a chest. The clothes he never took of as the descriptions says. So the "prince Lothric" we see in the battle is what exactly then? The inner Lorian. His true self.
yo much of a unnessary plot twist, I believe is just a really sad story from a brother that cares more about his disabled brother rather than the decaying flame
stfu you babbling ****
"Wields his sword with two hands and crapes the blade of his sword down " I think it should say "scrapes the blade" not "crapes".


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Pestilent Mist does good work here, particularly with a partner to help keep some heat off you