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This isn't specific enough for a wiki site.
The roll doesn't start when you press the dodge button, IT STARTS WHEN THE BUTTON IS RELEASED.

You have a brief window for holding down the button (literally half a second) but this allows for extremely precise dodging.

The format is as follows: preload the dodge button when you know you need to dodge. Wait for the impact point to come, release dodge as soon as the impact point comes.

It becomes so much easier to dodge when you realize this.
I've put a couple hundred hours in the soulsborne games, but have been unsuccessful with rolling. Either I'm rolling too soon or too late. I never thought to hold the button down. Going to try it out when I get home and see if that will make a difference.
I discovered It by myself, actually Is kinda instinctive. Often boss and even some normal enemy make slowed or take hits, in this cases save your life.
For those struggling with kicking on PC, and assuming you're using a controller and not suffering through personal hell with keyboard/mouse, there is a major difference between how easy it is to kick and the controller you use. I was using a Logitech controller for months and kicking was always about 70% luck, even after practicing quite a bit. I switched to a PS4 controller the other day and immediately I was able to kick every single time I tried. A legitimately drastic difference, and if I'd known that earlier I would have changed controllers immediately since reliably kicking when you want to is a major benefit in both PvP and PvE.
This has been my exact experience too. With a Logitech F310 I felt like kicking was some involved tech I would just never master, then I switched to a PS4 controller and suddenly I could kick every time. Night and day difference.
Can I interrupt a casting?
normaly yes but there is something called poise casting which is harder to poise break
But poise casting is only with talismans and miricles, you can always interrupt sorcerers, pyromancers and chime users
I did not know how to run until the dancer after 3 lords an now I still don't run I just roll
Git gud scrub
Why is it that when i use the left trigger for xbox one it uses part of my MP but the attack is weaker than my tighg trigger attack?
What weapon are you using? Because some weapon arts are just weaker than normal attacks but can combo into another follow up attack
Often times L2 acts as a stance change which then allows you to combo into the other attacks the weapon can do. Try pressing R2 or R1 right after. For example: the dark sword. Its L2 ability seems totally useless but if you press R2 while your character is kneeling you will do an upward slash with hyper poise.
Is bleed/poison build up affected my the crit multiplier?
no, head to "bleed" for further information



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Keep in mind, kicking can be almost directly countered if you use any 60+ stability shield w/ 100 phys absorb and great magic shield cuz stamina just doesn't drain then
Whoever edited the Plunging Attack bit is a dunkey fan lmaoo
well its true that plunging attacks takes weird hitboxes
RB RB Jump Attack is a very underrated combo
I'm wondering how to do one shot ripost, because I've always seen enemies having long, deadly ripost on me, but when I'm doing it it is short and mostly weak. Is it some ring or something? I've tried riposting enemies with many weapons and I hadn't that "long" ripost animation. Can somebody help me?
its the hornet ring, you can find it on the zone after oceiros where the shrine with black knights, i dont remember exactly where but its on the right side of that zone