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So why does literally no one use this anymore? Because it's r1 spam was nerfed? This is something i don't get about the tryhard community. Something is broken, they all use it, it gets rightfully nerfed, now that thing is trash because they have to try to win. The estoc, in my opinion is still one of the best, if not THE best weapon for duels. Another example of this "It's not broke so its bad" mentality is the astora greatsword. Oh whats that? It's rolling r1 was patched to not be parryable anymore? Bye bye forever. Oh and curved swords, literally all the ones that got nerfed (carthus, falchion etc) have been completely forgotten about. I've used all these weapons post-nerf (in duels and invasions) and they all still work fine. All these weapons were broken, rightfully nerfed. and now there just really good.
most of people want the super duper dlcs wa
Feels bad when from decides to gut 70 damage from the FUGS rather than fixing the*****ty DLC weapons
Looking at the comments complaining about scrubs. Really? So, you’re saying spamming R1 is bad but, what, spamming some combination of R2 and R1 is okay? That makes no sense. Especially since this weapon’s R2 is situational. Guess what? There are only two buttons! OF COURSE they are spamming R1! What do you expect them to do, use R2 and get killed!?


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r1 r1 r2
So does sharp +10 have A scaling or B scaling in dex?
It has an A scaling in Dex. Very viable.
I can't understand who complain about this weapon. All rapiers are a joke to counter if you're smart enough and know how to play.
All rapiers will put you in the ground if you fight anyone who knows how to use it. Best backstab fishing weapon ever.
All weapons have suitable counters if you know the game well enough. But the majority of players don't, so it seems insurmountable to them when they come up against something that is itself a good counter to whatever their personal favorite weapon might be.
What's the deal with all you dex nerds having terrible grammar? Can't trash weapons without speaking and typing poorly?
So this is the weapon to buff for dexfag who wants to melt everyone with R1 spam
How about you roll or parry after the 2nd R1 , instead of trying to attack with your gs ?
Why don't you just poise through it and crush them with Ledo's Hammer?
Dark scaling is wrong, I have B scaling on both inteligence and faith at +6
Fun fact, If you land a Lightning Arrow you can combo into 2 R1's of this as a true combo. Especially if you like to use Darkmoon Blade. Get twice the bang for your faith.
Estoc is best on a latency build.