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Una pregunta como me clavo ami persona la katana por que evisto que gente lo ase se clavan las katanas al persona y les baja vida
Running attack, rollspam, r1 r1 r1 r1 r1 r1 r1, repeat
I don't particularly like to use the katana class of weapons in this game but if you think about it each and every single one is unique in it's own class it really shows the diversity of weapons in this game this class of weapons really is the poster child of weapons in this game each katana is completely unique and different from the others and yeah people are gonna go about making comments like weeb dildo but really grow the ***** up not everything Japanese is weeaboo ita from a culture of warriors and these were their weapons but back to the point I love how each katana is unique and completely different in terms of looks and stats like the black blade is the shortest but has one of the highest damages the 3rd highest on a build with 24 strength and 80 dex to be exact while the chaos blade comes in second and frayed comes in first but that doesn't matter because every weapon that classifies as a dex weapon relies on player skill not mashing r1 but katanas stand out more because they have so many differences unlike the curved swords that have so many that are similar in that they have that cartwheel kick and spin slash now granted the stance weapon art for the katana isn't very unique between each one the stance weapon art really adds another level of unpredictability but like I said I don't use them a lot because the start up to their attacks are so slow versus when they actually swing it's very fast and they can easily be parried on both the attacking weapon art and normal attacks but that is all mitigated by a weapon like the black blade where so few people use it and it's so different in terms of size and speed that it makes it extremely difficult to parry and the best reason is to use the heavy attacks they are so delayed and have so much more range than other attacks like the one handed heavy attack dashes forward or the two handed heavy steps forward and pancakes enemies and its phantom range is insane and people in this community are so divided on meta weapons and making everything Japanese weeb that it makes us look like the worst community ever so why not instead of dividing everyone into casuls, meta tryhards and weebs why not actually act like a normal community and not bash everyone for every tiny thing like wanting to trade weapons or mocking them for using a type if weapon because in this game there are weapons like katana or curved sword that require more skill than r1 spamming witha straight sword or locking people so that you can kill them in 2 swings of an ultra great sword
Did you not use any punctuation on purpose? It made your comment extremely annoying to read.
take ELA class again
Sorry m8, but did you say that "every weapon that classifies as a dex weapon relies on player skill not mashing r1" Buddy... curved swords exist, straight swords exist, and daggers exist. The majority of dex weapons are better suited for light attack spamming, katanas have a more vertical R1 so you can't R1 spam there sure, but that doesn't excuse the other dex weapons. If you want to see R1 spam you either go dex or go quality, that's just how it goes. Hell the low amount of quality weapons reduces the reason to go quality instead of dex.
Is the parry part of the usual WA still bad? I read on the buckler shield page that this has the least of all parrying equipment.
If I’m not mistaken, chaos blade has as good of. parry as fists.
they are all decent in pvp for parries if you practice the timings. the reason its considered bad is because the katanas have 4 active frames on a parry, which is true for all but the chaos blade, which has 9


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The only one really Decent as a parry tool is the Chaos Blade, because of the fact that it has the same parry times as Bare-Hand/Caestus
So basically, katanas are slower thrusting swords in pvp Change My Mind
Katanas get an added +10 edge points, so they are different.
Also hitboxes and bleed
I searched up all dark souls 3 weeaboo weapons and this was the top result
There are 8 katanas and that's 8 katana types too many
Isnt is a japanese game?
Can you parry katana parries or am I going silly?
Yes. Try with swordmaster.
The scabbard stays on your left even if you equip the katana on your left hand. It fixes the clipping issue of the washing pole.