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This weapon is extremely overpowered, I can do well over 1,000 Damage in just 2-3 hits with only about 40 Dex when it's a +5. This results in that someone with 40 Vigor and a full set of Havel armor or Lapp's armor with a Ring of Steel Protection +3 STILL gets decimated by this beast of a weapon.
found the person that rarely plays this game most "great" weps deal around 1000 dmg
Incredibly high SL Build found: armor: undead legion pointy hat ,leonhard's garb, undead legion gauntlet, alva leggins . Rings: both pontiff rings, sun princess and highest Havel u have. Right hand: this monster, sharp sellsword twins,pyromancy flame. Left hand: ethereal oak shield ,blessed sellsword twins, sacred Filianore Chime. Spells: carthus beacon,blessed weapon,replenishment. This thing heals u like there's no tomorrow and adapts to almost every situation. Obiovusly a very VERY high soul level is required, but it is very fun and works well.
Plus u can parry with the left hand twins
Uh I forgot to write that having two sellsword twins is to swap from one handed to two handed moveset and viceversa to confuse weebos. And blessed weapon is to continue to heal while buffing the right hand twins,while replenishment is because yes this is a regen build
Strap This Beast of Your Back, Put On Those Pontiff Rings And Spam To Win
How have I not heard about this weapon until now? I've literally never seen it in pvp or in any videos ever. The only reason I found this was from typing old wolf knight by accident. Does it like suck or something?
it's good weapon against straights sword and shield, but i wouldn't recommend versus ugs. Weapon art one of best
No, it's a fairly average PvP weapon if you know the true combo. It's just that you have to level up in the stupid Watchdogs of Farron covenant to get it.
So can I use Carthus Beacon, Both Pontiff rings and then have one Old Wolf Curved Sword on my back while wielding a 2nd Old Wolf Curved Sword in my main hand for turbo cancer?


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Two OWCSs don't stack, but everything else does, go ********** up
Wait, what's the true combo for this weapon?
Someone on here said its R1 > L2 > R2. haven't tested that myself yet though
But what are the minimum DEX/STR requirements to two hand it ?
13 str 25 dex