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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

So... this combined with a rain of blood = +20% pure damage ?
i don't believe so...blood normally just gives a small boost to physical damage both for this and for the elemental arrowheads buff you can give yourself with huntsman. it also seems that way with incarnate and totems spawned in blood...while it does a good increase to damage i wouldn't say its 20% PURE damage
By 20% pure damage, he means piercing goes through armor, so the way it is worded, 20% of extra damage goes straight to vitality.
it looks like rot but im not sure
Oil - Earth damage
Poison - Poison damage
Water - water damage
Electrified water - Aero damage
Fire - Fire damage
Blood - nothing (probably)
Blood adds damage, you're a *****ing moron.
why insult him? he said "probably" (which mean he had doubts about it) so before react like a ****** read every words he wrote
Please don't react like an a** anyway. Geez.
Is this bonus applied to special arrows as well? Or just the default physical arrows?
Tested it, bonus is not applied to special arrows.
Tested it again, bonus damage IS applied to special arrows. I had fire arrows doing additional water damage when the target was on a water surface.
The extra water damage might have actually been from cursed steam
Blood is piercing damage
this give poison damage if the target is on top of poison pool? or is buged?
does not stack with special arrows only basic attacks