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the hunter with the viking style armor makes me think there will be some sort of moose creature to hunt.
you are probably right
If it is a moose like monster what abilities do you think it will have?
Maybe it will team up with a flying squirrel monster.
There will probably be the mammoth thing from MH generations
If you look closely the bowgun the last lady in something that looks kinda, hmm, wild westish, looks like something with a moose too, looks like it came from the same monster as the armour.
the two armors are a jagras one and a girros one
What if “new moves” mean different styled like in gen
A whole new island, does that mean whole new zones and stuff? :D Not 1-2 but four+? :DDD
Pink ..... makes me think of a mitzutune variant... viking.... possibly gammoth? >_>
the pink armor is a G rank variation of the anjanath female armor ...
the viking one, simply a jagras male and the one with the hat is a girros female, the white obviously a paolumu, nothing new on this image
I am pretty sure what I heard and saw at the end was a nargacuga
Yeah, that was Nargacuga alright!
If the new moves thing does in fact mean a new weapon category, I'm invested. Just curious what they'd include if it is a new weapon class
Hoping they fix the character models so the females don't look so squat. European faced women with Asian bodies just looks weird.
The females don't look "squat" at all my dude, these proportions are how women actually look in real life. Smh
I hope a Leviathan of some sort appears in the game. You crushed my dreams of the Lagiacrus not appearing, don't crush more. Monster Hunter 3 ultimate is my childhood.
I've seen a lot of people speculating that the monster head in the logo for Iceborne is in fact a new flagship (seems very likely) and that the most popular guess is some sort of ice leviathan monster. If that's the case, it means they've managed to make the leviathan skeleton work in world's engine and we may get Lagi after all. I really hope so too honestly, he's such a cool monster
Bruh MH3... childhood...? Don’t even know the OG monster hunter on ps2... having to use up a phone for comms cause it wasn’t introduced lol
...Wut? MH1 did have comms. You could type as long as you had one of those keyboard peripherals.
I'm getting soo hyped for what'll appear to be G rank! I can barely contain it!