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Point out where they are as well as of in where they are lying about. Not just tied to enemies.
What? English please.
There is also one located in anor London that is not mentioned on any of the wikis
where at? I'm not aware of it...
They forgot to put that the obsidian greatsword is upgraded with dragon scales
OH THANK GOD THERE'S ENOUGH TO IN THE BASE GAME TO UPGRADE A DRAGON WEAPON TO MAX. I mean, drake farming sucks. And no one uses my dragon eye sign.
I’ll use it!
The Cursed Greatsword of Artorias also upgrades with dragon scales.
Nevermind, i misread it. Does not use dragon scales.
Something that kind of irritates me is base weapons and equipment are dirt cheap to upgrade, but then there's specialized weaponry (those dragon or boss weapons you like) and suddenly you're expected to cough up literally tens of thousands of souls and expend incredibly rare materials. Sure, you get rich quickly on higher NG modes, but it's kind of a pain to accumulate base game, especially when you need to keep upgrading weapons; upgrading piece-meal is a pain, too. Something else is that bothers me is every individual weapon class requiring some special category of ore. It makes sense, but it's difficult to keep straight, the materials are rare (or expensive), and there isn't enough dispersed throughout the game to upgrade more than a single weapon without going on excruciating farming ventures. I feel like the upgrade system is inefficient and lopsided with no apparent balancing.
they fixed it in ds3 where in ds2 twinkling titanite was a pain
Git gud
Considering that you can max out specialized weapons as early as you find materials (as opposed to normal weapons, which are progress-gated by embers and capped by super rare Slabs), it's a pretty fair trade off. I mean, you can have a maxed-out Black Knight Halberd WAAAAY earlier than a standard Longsword, and even before that point it's comparatively OP at mid-level upgrades; you SHOULD be spending a bit more to upgrade them. As for Dragon weapons and boss weapons... yeah, they're SUPPOSED to be hard to upgrade because they're incredibly unique, and that makes them feel valuable and meaningful. When things work as they SHOULD and they're SUPPOSED to... they're balanced. You want unbalanced upgrades? Check out Dark Souls 2, where you end up with more Slabs than you'll ever be able to use, because you'll never find enough Chunks without joining a PVP covenant or something.
god i suck at this game QQ
Drakes are listed twice as things you can get the dragon scales from. Might want to remove one?