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If you downgrade a weapon does the level matchmaking drop as well?
Skull Lantern is missing
notes on dropping for friends? the leveling and all that
are weapons ordered by inventory order?
Seems to be the case.


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Is there a way to print this ?
Control A Control P
What is the best weapon for ng+ and on
Most things will work. Generally, you want something with high scaling so you don't fall behind in dps


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I like to use the +15 Great Scythe. After playing through the game a few times, it does a lot of damage and think it's an underrated weapon. Depending on your build I think it's a fine weapon
smough's hammer
As a Souls Veteran I can confirm it is a good idea to use weapons. Very underappreciated mechanic.



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weapons are for nubs xdxdxdxd


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Yeah, DkS1(R) can be alittle misleading when it comes to weapons but a general rule of thumb is; If it has decent Scaling and can be brought to +15 it will out damage nearly any weapon (in it's class) that can't be Buffed/Reinforced past +5. Most of all past NG+ when Caster/Melee builds run together. With just a few exceptions that Scale from 3 or more Stats. Like Greatsword of Artorias (Regular) that Scales effrctively with 4 stats and a Divine Modifier. This rule doesn't apply to Armor however as Black Iron Set +5 has the 2nd highest Physical resist and 1st Fire resist. Giants Set has the highest Physical resist at Max. Not Havels. Just a heads up, Drake Sword is useful for the first 4th-3rd of the game no matter your build. Easy to get, flat 200 damage.
Only Fire Mage ?? Lame...