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Level 170 looking to farm medals add me On Psn SengokuHeroX
hey i also need medals, bedlam-boy psn id .. im about 160ish and SM of 7million.
Xbox: Creator Trech, i need 15 more sunlight medals help plz
I need more of these medals. XBox 360: Jenestra89; soulmemory 38 (7m); level 222
SOTFS? I'm 22m SM , Lvl. 247.
I'm lvl 247 on 360 with SOTFS I might be able to help
DS2 Vanilla, Steam: Dust of Soul 23 millions Soul Memory
I need help farming these, PSN R-A-F-A-E-L740, soul memory 8M
I sent you the friend request
Can someone help me farm the medals? I'm on Ps4. My soul Memory is at 19m
Looking to farm these bad boys on the xbox one if anyone is interested. Thanks! DERVISH888
Soul memory = 19M
Guys, dont farm it in Things Betwixt. I am farming it now at Tseldoras Cave where - Royal Army Campsite (NG+) mostly every second respawn at the bonfire after killing all Falconers gets you 1/2 Medals with rusted coin (offline). I gurantee it !!!
looking to farm sunlight medals on ps4 with friendly nerds. 6mil soul memory, lv 203. Add Astrq3K
I can confirm they also drop from the Falconers on regular NG.