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Really dig this weapon and plus 10 think I will make 15 but it kills pvp and pve nicely. Wondering if Crystal might be viable
Well, the table up there says that it have crystal version.
Crystal is viable, however I wouldn't say it's viable for invasions, pvp or long coops without a back-up weapon
This has always been one of my favorite weapons since the original DS1 because it's really powerful and doesn't have split damage. If you level it to +15 it has an A rank in strength making it one of the strongest weapons, especially if you can get your strength stat to 40 or above. The move set is great for taking out mobs and baddies in pve, however, it's not the best weapon for pvp because its move set is very repetitious and predictable. If you DO connect though in pvp, you'll do a ton of damage.
Thanks for the insight!
The only thing that bothers me, the wiki here says it can deal thrust dmg but it doesn't.
Man-serpents can thrust it.
This weapon dropped from the very first man-serpent I killed in sen's fortress, lmao
i kill 112 lizard man and no drop
I'm running a quality build (with strength a bit higher than Dex not by too far) and I was wondering should I use this one or the flamberge?
(Adding to original post)- I just really like the snake weaponry
While the flamberge is better for quality scaling, I think many would say the man-serpent greatsword is superior, so I'd start again as a strength build.
(Original poster here) thank you for replying, I think I may run a Str build with enough base to have the flambé the as a quick swap if my weapons at risk
Edit* for more context on my reply I will be fire infusing the flam verge for low investment damage