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Stupid mongrel
Whatever you do, invite her to play a game. TRUST me, you will not be disappointed.

Oh, make sure you're within earshot of all possible party members!
I was disappointed, i think she is worst companion to get. Easy to kill, low dmg, only good innitiative is fine, but she is garbage.
did we even play the same game
Well guys I like her. I maxing her health pool then I cast the golem armor spell on her and early in the game you can give her that sword that absorbs life. I can also enhant her weapon more to absorb more health and do more damage. I upgraded my ahield ability which I can put on her to absorb even more damage like elemental and pysical attacks. With the disfavored reputation ability I can also cast that on her.

So I think she is the best tank in the game I personally have Barik + Her all the tanking a mage like me would ever need. :D She easily doubling Bariks health
I am a mage obviously. So she suites me very well tanking a hell of alot.
My favorite companion <3