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Radobaan makes you sleep, uragaan doesn't. Ima fix that
Uragaan does have a sleep effect
*Just fought, it, and I apologize, I was incorrect. Sorrry for my pure stupidity, I have fixed it*
Just curious, why does Uragaan have a gem? What makes him so special. If anything, Lavasioth is harder/more threatening, and 2 important monsters don't have a gem. Diablos, and kirin. Both the only apex predators/ elder dragons that don't have gems. So why exactly does Uragaan get one, when he's just a normal monster?
Bc he’s Jay Leon
Nah. Sonic.
Uragaan is an Ore monster so it makes sense for it to have a Gem. And also its just a gem?
1. It's not just a gem, it's a rare item uragaan doesn't deserve. 2. There are plenty or rock based monsters without gems, and plenty of non-rock based monsters that do. Your point?
So you call it a gem, and then you don't. A Ruby is a gem, and Uragaan has always had one since 3. Aside from that every point you make is subjective, Uragaan is the only pure ore/rock based monster in world, so biologically it makes more sense to have a gem for Uragaan then any other monster, outside of gameplay reasoning. Most people consider him harder/more intimidating then the more annoying Lavasioth at least anyway. I didn't realise this monster upsets you so much, my regards.
OP trigger AF over the fact that a kickass rock monster (that kicks his ***) gets a good drop.
well actually according to one of the in-game definitions, monster gems form in the tissue, having nothing to do with ores or rocks. This means someone as non-rock based as a bulldrome could have a gem, as long as the monster has tissue. So stfu and actually answer the question, as my points are very objective.
Why do you care so much, I doesn't matter. Love how people like to nip pick literally anything they can to feel better about themselves.
Am I the only one that thinks Ura looks like Thanos
lol yea with that big *** chin
jay leno
Now that you mention it....
I think he's a crimson chin, sonic, Beyblade Monster
When they say "head" they basically mean "eyes". His chin isn't weak obviously, nor are his "horns". That leaves pretty much just his eyes vulnerable.


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The chin is weaker once its broken.
"Deja Vu~ Ive been to this place before~"
I'd make a pun here, but all of the good ones URGAAN
Why? XD
I say that knocking him down is a high priority. Because once you do you can mine ore off either his back or belly. Quite convenient and gives special items only he can drop.
His weapons and armors aren't good, plus, people usually only fight him for T2 investigations and no one cares about his materials there.
This set lack a Lance, Gunlance and Sword & Shield matching weapons. Its truly a shame those weapons arent included in the game.
or, you know, the Hunting Horn.
or the Great Sword, or the Dual Blades, or the Insect Glaive, or the Charge Blade, or either of the Bowguns. heck maybe they just dont have every weapon for every monster. that'd be a weird thing to have done in all the games...