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can't beat him no matter what weapon I use :(
Hit with Igni and barrage with attacks until he recovers. Hit and dodge from the back until Igni recharges. Was able to beat using either default amour. You can mount hit and hit him with slinger to cancel his attack in mid summon. A lot of running and dodging.
* using Witcher default armor and weapons
The leshen was easy to beat all got to is get his sword and shield and mash every buten and heel wen you need to heel and die 1 to.
Don’t swap your weapons at the smith. Keep Gerald’s weapons, walk straight past and attack with those. His weapons are specially effective against this monster
He beat my animal friend senseless. Not cool wooden dude. Not Cool.
Lol yup. That pukei is more fragile than my gastodon tailraiders.
After the Witcher event, how can I find it the Lesher to farm for Ciri and Geralt Armor?? I can't find him in the expedition!
There is suppose to be an event coming out the 15th that will let you obtain her armour
You can repeat it as Geralt on the special quest list. You can do the Geralt armor and it short sword. Next week we could do a multiplayer leshen for the Ciri's armor and it's dual blades. Also you can trap nekkers for the palico's armor too.
if anyone has a sure fire way to beat this SOB and keep pukie alive please post about it i CAN NOT do this
You can heal the Pukei-Pukei with Lifepowders
Life powders man. Get the ones in the supply chest and get materials for more if needed. Also, kill the Jagras mobs before you focus on him; from my experience those kill the pukei faster than Leshen could.
For me, the jagras were a big problem in this. If you break the antlers, he summons less. Otherwise, spam lifepowder
I mostly lured the Jagras into big groups so I can use Igni and one shot all of them, preferably near the Leshen’s legs so I can stun it too and use the roundslash-aerial bonk combo when it does if you use the Silver sword, which in my opinion is absolutely amazing For the Pukei if you see it swarmed by jagras try to kill some but going too close and staying there may end up getting it killed by the roots and crow attack, besides that spam life-powders and break the horns so less jagras spawn
he teleports to where you are, so if you stay away from pukie then its a bit easier. He doesnt focus anything but you
Any tips for taking this***** down with the light bowgun? I even went out of my way to load up on fire herb from the two plants that even grow in the Ancient Forest to be able to make more fire ammo and could not take it down
Be as close as you can so he doesn't do the crow attack, use normal 1-2-3 in secuence every time, aim for the legs and the head, whenever he calls the jagras lure them to his legs and use the igni sign to kill the jagras an hit the leshen at the same time, flame ammo whenever you want but it works better when the jagras are in his legs cause it hits everything, hits the legs and the jagras. Save the igni sign for the jagras. And be patient for his attacks. When he starts calling the jagras be careful because he will try to dona sneak attack that does bleeding and if it lands your dead, just keep moving cause he will try to be behind you when the jagras are around you.
In my humble opinion, this guy was easy af. I used my main (glaive) and igni whenever I could
Try killing him while completing all the side quests lol. King gala takes around 15 min to kill, not to mention all the time wasted in running. After all those errands you’re left with around 30 min. Then you have to save puke bird, which means you’ll be wasting time killing off the JAGRaS Leshen summons. Killing him is not too hard but getting 100% completion is.
Is it me or did the slowed down cb? I felt it was too slow that I sucked as Puki kept dying, switched go Switch Axe and he went down far too easy
Switch axe works well? Interesting, I’m having a hard time keeping puke bird alive. I can kill Leshen in 20ish min though.
This ****** would not die, I hammered the***** out of him like no tomorrow it literally took me 47 minutes I have NEVER taken this long not even in my noob beginnings when it tool me 20 to 25 minutes to fight big jagras
Bahahah wait till you try to kill him while trying to keep the pukei pukei alive. It’s cancerous lol.
Long sword is good weapon to use if you’re adept at timing the foresight slash.