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Actually, it would make more sense that Lapp would appear in ringed city if you killed him in Lothric. Patches/Lapp is an undead like most npcs so by killing him we would make him go hollow and you guessed it forget who he is. So it isn’t strange at all now is it.
I dont know how to edit the article but to make him fully hostile and hollow, you speak to him 3 times after either dying or leaving and returning to the arera, he will lose his mind slowly and on the 4th time he will be hollow and attack
He can't be patches, I killed patches in my current playthrough and Lapp is alive and well, unless this is in another dimension
patches is an undead who resists going hollow because the only thing driving him is his own survival
There is no point in which you cannot complete this quest series, even if you kill Patches. You can kill all bosses in the entire game including all DLC bosses and this quest will remain available to complete.


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"Lapp, who is totally not Patches" perfect.
why does he appear in the ringed city if I killed him in the main game? could it be that the ringed city is in a different timeline? *conspiracy intensifies*
Thats like the whole deal of the ringed city, it exists at the end of the world, during the dlc you meet all kinds of people from different times (not timelines) like the dragonslayer armor.
i just killed him in the last part of the questline, knowing that he's going to kick me down ;) there's no better feeling
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