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The boss fight was easy. The bull*****part was the run up. That many Elite Lothric Knights is not nessecary.
dude, there is an elevator which leads to the dragonslayer armor right next to the door :P
They are the twin PRINCES what did you expect? A nice candlelit dinner for three? Of course they're going to have an army, they rule Lothric.
jesus I beat them at last (melee, SL70, lightning sword) I tried various weapons/armour sets, but it was Orbeck that really helped me here, just watch out for him. Sirris is completely useless though.
For me, he helps draw aggro, does a little extra damage, and helps me stagger Lorian. However, he cats pestilent mist on himself and dies before making any progress in phase 2.
On the second phase of lorian, he hates fire so use it as you will



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Bleed infused Bandit dagger +3 does the trick,did it at sl30. Only tricky thing is hitting Lothric with the dagger, Lorian is pretty easy to proc bleed.
For casters and archers alike, google 'Intelligence kills Lorian and Lothric' in order to see the best strategy ever against these twins
You’re really trying huh
Stop running Ads for Youtube. You are everywhere with Copy and Paste.
Out of the walls of text for this fight I don't think I seen one reference to Coop actually working against you. For those that don't know; The more help you get, the higher the HP/Dmg of a Boss. It may drastically make a fight much harder. Similar to 4 Kings in NG++ and beyond, summoning help made it much worse. So depending on your build it's something to remember!
I would agree with you in most circumstances, but when you are fighting a teleporting ****** that only gives you a split second to spot where they teleported to and what attack they are going to use so you can avoid and counter. Not everyone has the audiovisual memory to learn and be able predict such hectic patterns and depend heavily on being able to see the enemy’s movements in order to react in time. So in those cases I need someone else to take the boss’ attention so I can focus on attacking or recovering. Else if its on me, I can focus on dodging until I lose aggro. Alone I have to trade blows. That works in the first phase, but the second phase kills you in two seconds if you try that.


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I had the same problem, I just practiced. The difference between using Sirris and Orbeck i
Anonymous, normally I'm exactly with you when it comes to summoning NPCs in DKS3 boss fights: just looking for another body to take a couple of the 436,205 enemy swings so that I can get some damage in. However, for THIS particular boss fight, I'm gonna have to side with the OP on this one. Only today (after having the game how long?) did I beat this guy solo at SL55. I had beaten him before, but only with a SL85 character, and once more with a SL55 character BUT with Sirris AND another player-controlled phantom. Earlier this afternoon, despite everything I tried, no amount of distraction that Sirris provided could get me all the way to victory. It was just as demoralizing as it was almost a year ago. And now, finally, I can safely say it was the summoning that was getting in my way. I memorized nothing, mind you; I was a complete jerk with Vordt's hammer and spammed poise... but trying that strategy with that beefed-up, summon-health-bonus? I lost count of my deaths. : (
The Feb. 7 reply from Anonymous (me) was directed at the Anonymous in the replies (Jan. 30), not the Anonymous OP, who I didn't realize was anonymous until after I posted and saw that it looked like I was responding to him... Not a fan of this layout.
Agreed. Also in regards to the comments you got: git gud
Hey, Anonymous (March 3rd): with the exception of one person, everyone in this comment thread WAS agreeing with the OP, so if your derogatory comment was aimed at those who DISAGREED, you would've been more accurate by typing "comment," rather than pluralizing. And even then, way to go kid.
Stick to the pillars. Reduces distance of teleportation and makes dodges easier to avoid attacks.
sharp sellsword and darkmoon blade rekt this boss
The strategies here did not help me at all. What I did to finally beat them (after dying 10+ times): 1) Always stay close, except when the little prince casts the magic orbs. Keep rolling and with shield up. Using a large enough weapon, you will probably hit both of them at the same time. 2) Ranged weapons don’t seem to work well. Especially because you will only damage the big prince. This makes the fight much longer 3) When the small prince casts the orbs, roll towards them, and as soon as they teleport, roll back. Keep rolling back as long as there are orbs firing
Just stay near the pillars to absorb the magic in the second phase and make the teleporting easier to predict. Two hand and roll from every attack, blocking with a shield just does more damage over time from his fire sword rather than rolling. Don't get greedy with healing and always have the camera locked on. That's all i got.