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Swamp tome is in the Road of Sacrifice area, on the right where two knights attack you with greatclubs, it's in the water next to a tree, near a crab.
Big thanks mate!
Travel to the Farron Keep bonfire, go up the ladder behind you, exit to the left, take another left through the broken wall, there should be a giant crab, kill it and get "Great Swamp Ring" over by a tree you should find the "Great Swamp Pyromancy Tome" and the Conjurator armour set
This description of where it is, is so lacking it's laughable. Is there even two knights with greatclubs? If they're refering to the Exile knights one of them has a curved Greatsword.
I found it in 2 seconds after reading that. It's literally right next to the exit gate.
I can't give this to Cornyx