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Xeno'jiiva's belly becomes such a big weak spot when it's enraged that it's almost not worth using elder seal on it, especially if you have a pierce ammo HBG user in the party
trying to make use of that weak spot with dual daggers is downright stupid when you use dual blades tho
I’m pretty sure the lunastra and some kulve Taroth weapons have elserseal
Lunestra does blast, not elderseal, and the kulve weapons are just gold versions of existing weapons
I dont understand if low elderseal just has lower chance to proc or if the effect is worse, anyone knows?
True Gae bolg (Behemoth IG) has high elderseal
Deviljho should be added as a monster affected by Elderseal, since when it procs while enrgaged, he will remain enraged but will regain the leg damage weakness