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You dont need all side quests for contract
I've done the main quest and no bounty from resource center. I was able to capture the nekker without it but no bounty or weapon/armor unlocked.
I wonder where you can go to test the swarming vicious nekker comment in the Researcher's Notes. Seems like either a hint about the Event Quest next week or something else that was added and not really found yet
Capture enough and toss them all in your room, they don't play well together, lol.
anyone knows how to obtain ng critical bounty Research Help: Creature Capture? I've completed the witcher quest with all the side quests but the bounty doesn't show up at all.
similar to the one before me, but I've done the quest and one subquest for the witcher hunt, captured a Nekker, but never had the critical bounty bit. Is Xbox Glitched or something?
For some reason the critical bounty isn't showing up for me :/
There's no bounty, for me.
Placing down 2 or more nekkers in your room will make them more aggressive and swarm you