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Deus Vult!
Can this be farmed off the knight near the bonfire at Anor Londo? Using Crystal Sage Rapier, rusted coins, and Gold Serpent Ring. Should I just try my luck at the Grand Archives instead?


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Anor Londo? There are no Lothric Knights there, only Silver Knights...
that a different type of knight dude
After you send greirat to lothric castle you can buy them from him for 7k a pop or the handmaid if you let greirat die
I just had a whopping 935 AR with a +10 LKGS and a 99/99/99/99 build
And it was with Chaos infusion
Is the 935 AR when two handing or one handing, the difference would be very small but still?
It being two handed or one handed wouldn't make a difference at 99 strength because 99 is max strength even when two handed
While i dont consider this an exactly viable build, i was able to get over 1k in AR by using a sharp version buffed with SSS, lightning blade, & yorshkas chime. Alternatively i also got over 900 AR with a holy version & the SSS buff. Both on the same build around SL150. i had i think 24/50/60 & enough stamina for 4-5 swings. However This weapon scales excellent with sharp even up to 70 dex gaining +3 increases to Ar around every other lvl or so, making it easily one of my favorite over powered weapons in the game. My only gripe is the unit weight. If youre like me & want that fashion-souls its gonna require some vit.
I’m about 700 ish 714 I believe at base melee stats and 60 faith (blessed infusion) I switch from this to the rose of ariendel for quick strikes and random miracles. Really fun build.



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I love this weapon so much! I love especially using this for the Ancient Wyvern plunge attack.
1015 AR on dark lothric GS with 99/99/99/99 lol that’s without the clutch ring and blindfold mask
Pretty fun with a Chaos infusion. Get physical, fire and lightning all at once. Not sure of the viability or practicality of this for PVP but I do enjoy it in PVE. Can light stuff on fire/lightning stun enemies based on weaknesses all in one weapon. Not the greatest on faster bosses (Freaking Friede!!!!!) due to slow attack speed but this may just be a "Git Gud" situation I have not overcome. 10/10, would smash with this.
Friede isn't bad with this weapon due to the speed of the rolling poke, which already does good damage, alongside Stomp trading with her high recovery time attacks, particularly that slam in her 3rd phase combo.
As a religious user of this sword, i haven't found anybody that can take more than three light hits from a chaos infused lothric greatsword at level range 100-175 without healing with the following stats: 763 AP, 40 Str, 32 Dex, 26 Int, 30 Fth. Charged strong attack can easily cleave most players to a sliver of health, if not instantly killing them.
I three shot Friede in the first phase with hornet ring. The Second Phase I easily killed Father Ariandel and During the third phase it was tough to hit her with this weapon but boy did it hit when it did usually after her big dark smash and that freeze jump. In the third phase I mainly used Sunlight Spears but LKGS hit too. She was dead before I knew it after I learned her patters with this weapon. In total it took me 18 tries but after using this weapon she was dear in 2.( 16 + 2 )
So many Weebs editing every page as linked to fkin Berserk. Get outta here wtf..
I have played and thus enjoy DkS 3. I have not experienced Berserk, and thus do not enjoy it. As people keep telling me that everything is "inspired by Berserk," I begin to resent and dislike Berserk for needlessly imposing on my fun. If this keeps up, I'm going to start resenting DkS 3 for not being more original. In conclusion: Nothing ruins a good thing quite as thoroughly as a FAN of the good thing.
stfu normie
this has nothing to do with this sword but yes the twin princes are actually inspired by Griffith in Berserk (issa fact
At refined and with 50/50 the AR is 714 with the lightning clutch ring and without it I believe it’s 693
Clutch Rings are worth using only for ranged magic based builds. Even if given weapon would have only elemental damage 10% increased physical damage mould make it discussive choice. Sure pure elemental damage + clutch ring is probably better than empty ring slot but thats it. Filling it with other ring is better choice. Only melee weapon which makes sense with clutch ring is Demon Scar. Because its pure fire weapon and you are pyromancer whose best spells are fire (+ black serpent and buffs).
Incorrect. Clutch rings can affect melee weapons as well. I currently use a 30/30/30 Refined Lothric Knight GS at SL120. Without Lightning Blade, the total AR numbers around 650, and with it, the AR increases to around 700. But when buffed with Lightning Blade and Lightning Clutch Ring, my Lothric Knight GS’s AR skyrockets by another 100 AR, creating an easy powerhouse SL120 builds. (These statistics were taken from a two-handed weapon standpoint. One handed damage stats were not calculated for.)
Sharp adds more damage than refined for less stat investment. Test 24/60 noting that this reduces point investment by 16.
at 50/50 sharp adds more damage! You wasted all those points in strength for no reason!