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Deus Vult!
Can this be farmed off the knight near the bonfire at Anor Londo? Using Crystal Sage Rapier, rusted coins, and Gold Serpent Ring. Should I just try my luck at the Grand Archives instead?


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Anor Londo? There are no Lothric Knights there, only Silver Knights...
that a different type of knight dude
After you send greirat to lothric castle you can buy them from him for 7k a pop or the handmaid if you let greirat die
I just had a whopping 935 AR with a +10 LKGS and a 99/99/99/99 build
And it was with Chaos infusion
Is the 935 AR when two handing or one handing, the difference would be very small but still?
While i dont consider this an exactly viable build, i was able to get over 1k in AR by using a sharp version buffed with SSS, lightning blade, & yorshkas chime. Alternatively i also got over 900 AR with a holy version & the SSS buff. Both on the same build around SL150. i had i think 24/50/60 & enough stamina for 4-5 swings. However This weapon scales excellent with sharp even up to 70 dex gaining +3 increases to Ar around every other lvl or so, making it easily one of my favorite over powered weapons in the game. My only gripe is the unit weight. If youre like me & want that fashion-souls its gonna require some vit.
I’m about 700 ish 714 I believe at base melee stats and 60 faith (blessed infusion) I switch from this to the rose of ariendel for quick strikes and random miracles. Really fun build.