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How I managed to get past them was by using a Black Knight Sword upgraded to +4. I had to respec since my Crystal Uchi +5 (pyro sorcerer build) wasn't doing jack $H1T and I just get stunlocked to death. Using sorcs isn't very viable since they could outrun Usain Bolt while shoving their long curved d1cks up your *** at the same time. You just have to STUNLOCK THEM FIRST, and also make sure you have enough stamina to do so.
***** these things!! Theyre bull*****know why? Infinite goddamn stamina, beyblade spin attack that doesn't *****in belong in a souls game, not easily staggered, and on top of the melee attacks...they were given a goddamn ranged spell. Did these *****ers learn those spins from the Carthus ninjas?? (Which are utter triceratops terds themselves).
I was just thinking that Dark Souls III had an unusual amount of actual difficulty for a Soulsborne game and then I ran into these guys.
Best enemies in the game. Especially how you fight 3 at once before you see them at all. Especially especially if you use a slow weapon. Truly fun.
These guys clearly take after Sulyvahn. They have attacks that never end until you die.
Parry + Darkhand Riposte = gitgud
Use force miracle, black serpent, or chaos fireball. Best to least, they become very trivial


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Farron's Break Dance Greatsword *****s them up
***** these ***** heads