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Kinda surprised there's no twin rapier weapon. I mean, twin straight swords, twin maces, even twin greatswords. Just think it's kinda weird.
Lol ikr? At least we have crow quills
Ironically the most realistically accurate is the Dual Rapiers becausw it used to be a form of sword play to have one for parrying and one for the actual well... Fighting.
I guess you could have Darkmoon Blade Estoc and Parrying Dagger. That'd be as close you'd get to good dual rapiers
Dude, parrying dagger. No need for twin rapiers. Nobody carried two rapiers historically.
Crow talons is a dual setup I think so maybe?
nobody carried two greatswords historically either, smartass
Dual spears too, no one carried those either. They were introduced in ds3.
I really like playing around with the Stance WA, but it's a shame only two rapiers have it. One is the shortest rapier in the game and the other is the longest rapier, but is geared towards INT.
As fun as it is, the retreat attack is near useless since it has no invincibility or hyper armor so you'll just get stunned, and the burst attack isn't terrible, but isn't amazing either. I dunno man
he is talking about how good looking it is nit how practical
If your reactions are fast enough, you can hit and stagger people mid-swing, with the added bonus of counter damage. (Would not recommend trying against hyper armor weapons)
For those who don't know, hyper-armor weapons are the various great-weapons plus hammers. Strangely enough, if the user is smart about spacing, a mace or equivalent light hammer is a great counter against a thrusting sword. The first attack will hit the mace user, then the mace user will power through and stunlock the thrusting-sword user. This can be countered by using the generally superior range your thrusting weapon will have against a light hammer like the Mace or Morning Star to your advantage-- hit and fade.
Which weapon would be good for a 46/56 Faith/Dex build?
Estoc goes with everything. It's the most OP weapon along with Lothric Knight Sword. Wear Leo Ring it wins every trade.
They need to put Velka's Rapier into Dark Souls 3....
From didn't even have the courtesy to give the retreating attack a single i-frame
Pick up a curved sword with the backflip kick.
Rapier's aren't "bad", but they're not really "good" either. I feel they should have more range, but sadly they don't. The longest ones struggle to match basic longsword range, seemingly attack at the same speed, but they deal less damage, and require more stat points. The only saving grace is counter attacks seem do deal 15% more damage across all weapons. Thrust damage deals a bit more, as during attack animations thrust defences are reduced by 30%. The damage bonus stacks multiplicatively with the Leo Ring which gives a 15% bonus, meaning you should get counter pokes that deal 133% damage and are 30% less resisted (in practical terms against sl.125 player, 30% less thrust defences is about 5-9% more damage).