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This wiki needs a slight correction regarding slave knight Gael summon. You can defeat the demon prince and sit on their bonfire and pick up the banner, however as long as you don't use the banner to travel to the ringed city, Gael can be summoned for friede fight. I've done low level builds twice and have summoned Gael after defeating demon prince
The best time to atack her is when she turns invisible, especially on fase 3. That's bc the "invisibility" only works when she is far from you and when she is invisible she's pretty passive. Try to listen to determine her direction (not that hard with a headset), just run towards her and beat her to a pulp.
managed to beat her at lvl 40 with un-upgraded old wolf CS and 5 estus, took nearly 40 tries though.
Yeah, this boss just made me stop playing this game. Seriously? 3 phases? Damn you From Soft, I hope you all rot in hell for this!
Don't give up! Heavy weapons, especially UGS make this fight trivial. She's human-sized. Thus can be pancaked, launched, or knocked over....reapeatedly.
Its just the cherry on top of this crap sundae that is the whole DLC.


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Human-sized enemies are oftentimes the worst. This boss battle is a crapfest, no other way to put it. I'd rather face the Nameless King all over again.
G i t G u d - Miyazaki
Nameless King ain't got sheit on Blackflame Friede (not counting King of Storms, only the actual guy when he's on foot)
A ridiculous boss with kitchen sink design. lets list all the things they threw in instead on making something creative. 1. Three. &^$*ing. Phases. 2. Magic flying everywhere that does massive damage. 3. Magic covering the entire floor that does massive damage and inflicts status in addition to launching you into he air leaving you vulnerable to anything else on this list. 4. A giant monster that can two shot you with fast attacks with gigantic hitboxes that cover 60% of the screen. He also throws lava everywhere because lol why not. 5. A human character with unlimited stamina, FP, and roughly 6 times the HP you can have at level 99 vigor who doesn't lose when they die...twice. 6. Did i mention three phases? 7. The boss is so ridiculously difficult no one wants to do any co-op thus eliminating a potential way to squeeze some genuine fun from this meat grinder. 8. You only other help is an NPC with the self preservation instinct of a kamikaze pilot. 9. Several types physical and elemental damage because they wouldn't want to make it easy to use equipment to give you some kind of edge. And no i don't care if you beat it blindfolded with a naked SL 1 with a broken straight sword. Git gud? Ive beaten the main game dozens of times with every class, including the optional bosses. I could be able to beat this boss with nothing but bare fists using a wiimote and it still wouldn't make a dumb boss in a tiresome DLC that gave me horrid dark souls 2 flashbacks.
git gud
WOW! I'm astonished with your wit! I never heard some fail troll beat that dead horse of a meme before!


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"Ive beaten the main game dozens of times with every class, including the optional bosses." [doubt intensifies] Phase one is trivialized by backstabbing her and R2ing her as she gets up. Phase two is trivialized by the high damage Ariandel takes. Phase three is a bit of a challenge, but you just need to be careful, and keep backstabbing her. "Magic flying everywhere that does massive damage." Assuming you didn't talk about the floor ice magic twice, this is dumb. She has only a few other kinds of magic, which never reaches the point of "flying everywhere". The normal Flame Serpents can be a bit of a pain, but aren't so bad. The large one should never hit you unless you have the reactions of a dead sloth. Literally just walk to one side and it won't hit you. I've done it. If you want to count Ariandel's fire attacks as well, then it still doesn't matter, since there is no dark magic in phase two, so only one of them will be doing magic at a time anyway. As for "Magic covering the entire floor that does massive damage and inflicts status in addition to launching you into he air" you should never be hit by the second part of this anyway, outside of terrible luck. It's big and slow, and gives you lots of time to move out of the way without taking frostbite. Ariandel (usually, assuming you're not doing certain challenge runs) makes phase two easier, not harder. Unless you're letting yourself get cornered, or blocking your view of his attacks, he should never hit you either. Just run circles around him and he's doomed. Complaining about her health, stamina, and FP is also stupid. She's a boss, if she had 2000 health she would be pathetically easy. You could beat her in one backstab + wake-up combo if she had health that low. She might not have infinite stamina, but even if she did, she takes breaks quite often anyway. As for FP, ALL ENEMIES HAVE INFINITE FP. Picking this out as a complaint specifically for her is stupid, don't deny it. Maybe I'm biased, because I'm actually good at the game unlike you, but I don't think Friede's particularly hard normally. I'm on her now in my SL1 magic only run and she's hard, but only because I have low health, low damage, and slow cast times. And if you come back with your whiny attitude, I'll post a link to my video of me beating her at SL30+3 in NG+3, and ENJOYING the fight. Yes, that's right, I like this fight. It's no Gael or Nameless King, but it's still fun. Why? Because it's actually a bit of a challenge. Not every fight needs to be Vordt with three phantoms, you know.
god this diatribe is worse than the fail troll. Since you obviously don't get the point i was trying to make I will explain it to you. I never once said that is was completely impossible. I simply said that it is tedious, frustrating, and poorly designed. That was my critique. If not beaing able to beat it was my only problem I could have simply over leveled my *** off and came back and curb stomped her. Hell i was only on NG. My point is that this isn't fun. None of the DLC is. It is obviously designed to be hard first and make sense last. I judge games and the content within them, based on the enjoyment I get from them. Also you drone on with your elitist attitude and spam all your dumb memes if you want to, It certainly won't impress me or change my opinion that this boss and the entire DLC surrounding it is an exercise in tedium, a poorly conceived and designed cash grab designed expressly to be difficult to waste your time in an attempt distract people from the fact that there is an absolutely stunning lack of content within it. I hope that was more clear.
point 8 could be the funniest thing i have seen for awhile
hm, no. you're just salty. git gud, scrub.
That's three people beating the dead git gud horse! shall we go for four? How about Get Bent instead fanboy? This community, bloody predictable as always.
I beat this boss first try with the Lothric UGS on my Regen build. Stomp and charged heavies make the fight trivial. Friede is human-sized, thus can be launched, toppled, and pancaked.
i'm late, but still here to tell you to get gud
I obviously don't need to tell anybody reading this but this guy's complaints are hilariously hyperbolic. If you've actually played the game you will remember that Aldrich was a fight where magic was actually flying all around the place and where his AOE spam could be difficult to. If you didn't know how to dodge it.. I think this fight was really fun and I think the DLC was awesome it's my favorite area to invade and Co-op. If you put your summon sign outside of Frida you can be summoned either to do the entire DLC with a friend 1st Ranger or you can be summoned just to help with the boss. I have actually been summoned outside of her door and beat the entire DLC with a stranger including Frida in one go it was awesome and fun. Absolutely not tedious at all
Seems like someone screwed up the resistance and weakness table on this one.
No, it has weaknesses for all three Friede, Ariandel, and black flame friede. Really confusing though
Get one summon and slavemaster Gael and you stun lock blackflame friede into oblivion.
Am I the only one who think our dear sister is cute and this fight is a lot of fun? I like to see her jumping around and even want to hear her say that I should return to Yuria as she must be waiting----I wonder where Yuria currently is too, since she left behind all her clothes without saying anything.
I don't know the rules of this website but i just wanted to tell you to go **** yourself. Thisthe most infuriating thing to come out of these games. It's actually a teste of rage and patience.
Who let the trolls out ?
That depends on your definition of fun. Lucky for me, I kinda like pain, but these kinds of fights are never quite satisfying enough.
I died once to the boss and teleported out twice, so 3 tries in total. Here is my advice. First phase should be extremely easy. You should be at most using 1 Estus. Second phase, focus Father Ariandel. Wait until he does the running forward slam attacks. He can only run forward during this time giving you 4 free hits when you run behind him. The second time to attack is when he spews fire. Run to the side of him and get 2 attacks. Repeat these 2 things and they will die easily. Third phase, stay far away from the boss. You should be far from her 90% of the time because it is hard to dodge her attacks when you are close. Keep dodging all her magic attacks. They should be very easy to dodge. Just keep spiriting. When she does the black flame ranged attack, just spam roll. Wait until she crosses her scythes for a leap attack. Dodge it and do a roll attack in the process. Attack her twice and immediately run away. Repeat this until she dies.