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I love using this weapon purely because of just how *sick* it looks.
I'm traveling to the dungeon, and popping an ember...No alva. what am i doing wrong?
Leave the dungeon into the previous area. You will have to fight a knight to the left of the archway. I popped an ember there and went back and that worked.
if you have steam offline and ds3 offline you also won't get invaded by NPC's
29 Nov 2018 12:26 is incorrect. You will always get invaded by NPCs even if you're offline because it is a part of the game. Online or offline does not matter, that only effects whether or not a player character can invade you. If you defeat the boss of an area before you get invaded by an NPC, then the invasion script will not play out.
On the "Max" table, it says Sharp Murakumo+10 has S scaling in Dex. In the "Sharp" table, Sharp Murakumo+10 has an A scaling in Dex. Which one is it?
It has an S
used to love this weapon in ds1. they ruined it in this game
is it good for quality build?