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cringe poison -_- really
poison has been in every MH game so its not really cringe
*****ing losers still call things cringe?
wtf are you trying to say?
are there pukie pukie matched slicers
Don't know about pink rathian but azure rathalos does definitely inflict deadly poison
she does, like normal rathian all her tail attacks are poisonous
Does poison deal always the same amount of damage ? Is there a way to know how long the effect will last on monster ? Actually i was only able to see it inflict 10 damage every 5 seconds during a short period on every monster (tried with different weapon on every monster from rank 1 to 4 quest, even poison resistant ones). Wasn't able to look at a timer, so the total damage is still unknown.
Does poison damage stack?
No, poison is a status effect that is reached by reaching a threshold. If two or more hunters are using poison weapons, they'll simply reach the threshold sooner. Faster, but same damage and duration.
why isn't there a list of poison weapons?
That's fextralife for you baby