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Why are they called "Black Hand Trio"? Kamui is the only Black Hand here... In the first place it is confirmed that there're only three black hands within the entire duration of the Lothric kingdom. Adding Kriemhild and Albert would make AT LEAST 4 Black Hands ( i say 4 instead of 5 because the 3rd Black Hand is never seen and could be either of these two if they took off their armor, though i doubt so since they all seem to dual wield). I vote they're re-named to "DS3 Gank Squad" (DS3 has to be included in the name because DS2 had it's own gank squad), since it is literally just inaccurate to call the other two Black Hands.
Kamui is the only black hand there the other 2 arent black hands the other black hand is gottard and the 3rd isnt in the game
There is a theory, that says that you play as the third Black Hand.
In resume, The Black Hand was kind of a secret group in charge of protecting the prince. However Lothric lost his mind, and tried to stop the cycle of re-linking the fire. That´s why this trio was divided into two. There´s Kamui who insist on doing as the prince says alongside with Albert and Kriemhild, and Gotthard who believes that the right thing to do is to overthrone Lothric in order to keep the age of fire going.
In the case of Kamui, he believes that you will be faithful to your duty, and that is why early in the game you receive help from Albert. However late in the game, they realize that you are bringing the lords back to their thrones, plus the fact that Emma died. It became obvious that you are betraying them, and that is why they turn on you. You found the Keys of the archive from Gotthard's dead body who was killed by Kamui because of this internal conflict.
In the game there are 4 clear connections between characters and lord of cinders
Siegfred of Catherine with the Giant (There is a story about a promise, and that is why you can summon him to defeat him)
Hackwood the Desserter with the Abyss Watcher (as his name says, he was originally part of the group)
Anri of Astora with Aldrich (Was one of the two children to escape Aldrich's Clutches)
You and Prince Lothric (Once a servant as a Black hand, and now you are trying to betray him)
One of them threw themselves down the elevator shaft when I was going down
You are the third Black Hand.
I love this theory. Saw it on the Game Theorist channel and it just makes so much sense.
Pretty sure I'm a sorcerer from vinheim
Thought I was a knight from Astora...
they're killing you because you're hunting lords of cinders, having killed 3 already, and are going to kill lothric who they want tro protect. As said by Matpat, lion knight albert was with you for vordt because it was unclear to them whether you were with or against them
My question is, what happens with them if you kill the lords but don't return them to their thrones?
nothing i believe. in my first playthrough i didnt realize you have to interact with the thrones to put them in place so i kept carrying them in my inventory till very late of the game. those 3 were still attack me onsight
They will still be hostile. Placing the cinders on the thrones have no effect on the trio.
I've played through this game a number of times and I was gearing up for this encounter again today. However, when I arrived, all 3 NPCs were already dead and their dropped items were on the ground. I have no idea why.



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Have you killed Emma yourself this time?
I killed Emma in ng+ and the trio was alive
Having a bad day? Try killing Albert and Daughter of crystal Kreimhild first, and then let Kamui try to attack you, and smash his health. Let him estus twice until he is all out, at which point, he will do the "no estus" animation. He will then switch to fists, and he should run, trying to estus until his health is a tiny sliver, at which point you switch to DA Greataxe and WA him into a black hand pancake. Teaches him right for ganking!
Tip: Kill 2/3 of the trio then the last 3rd.
I beleive Leonhard is the third black hand
Nah, it's your character
If you're having a bad time fighting them, try using an ultra greatsword, some armor that lets you activate hyper armor and use the charged 2HR2 on them, i did it with the silver knight armor and a +5 profaned greatsword, everytime they tryed to attack me, i smashed them into the floor with the charged 2HR2 and it would make them lose more than half of their health in just one hit
I dunno if I was overleveled when I faced them (SL125) but Chaos Bed Vestiges easily ate all three for breakfast.