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Finally beat this girl and her daddy on SL1. First phase I used 1 Estus and second phase only 2 more Estus so it was a pretty good run from there, and then she gave me really forgiving stuff, got 2-3 backstabs in a row, and she stayed around the center of the arena more often then not. The best part is I only used 1 more Estus in phase three, so in total only 4 Estus. Weapon was DSA with Grass Crest Shield on my back. Rings were Knight's, Hunter's, Lloyd's Shield, and Prisoner's Chain. Backstab -> R1 -> R1 is about 1200-1300 damage. Armor doesn't really matter at SL1 but for fashion I was using the Cleric Hat, Mirrah Vest, Black Leather Gloves and Fire Witch Leggings. I would have used Gael's help but I had started Ringed City so no summon sign :(
By the way, you could probably get more damage if you used Gold Pine Resin but I was out of souls and resins so that was not an option.
For all sorcerers in trouble, google 'Intelligence kills Sister Friede' for guidance
Who uses int?
Nashandra done right
Who? Is that some bit from Dark Souls II? I never made it past the hub settlement in that game. Dark Souls II was confusing as Hell, from what I recall, so don't blame me for not knowing
Arrows give away her position
First of all, a big hand to all dudes/dudettes writing useful stuff here, since I think this is a pretty tough boss. Here's my two cents: For a my pyro build, I use the Onyx blade and CBV, and learn to read which direction she takes when she turns invisible. Then smack dat *** around pretty much all trough phase 1. Phase 2 is pretty easy with CBV and the slave dude, just keeping the distance and lobbing them firethingeys on the daddy. Phase 3 is where I ran out of potions but still kept distance, roll-dodging and lobbing CBV was going pretty good until the slave died, got a few hits in with the Onyx blade, then I took an arrow to the knee :-D
i thought i'd seen it all but she just did her critical scythe attack to me all of the sudden after getting up from being smashed. caught me off guard.
Slave Knight Gael not 100% sure but I think he can be summoned only if player already kill him in other DLC. I didn't prior to Frida fight and didn't have his sign. Parts 1 and 2 is a joke. Parry her, back stab her, sit behind a shield and smack her in the face. Everything works. Part 2 a bit annoying alot of AOE otherwise is even easier then part one. Part 3 holly*****. Dark AOE, frostbite, then appears behind you and cut your throat. Boom insta dead. Really nice fight. Probably best designed fight in the game. Frida is my favorite. She is tough for all right reasons not like Midir or Nameless King where you have to fight a camera instead of a boss. I highly recommend to take Gael with you for a ride. For me she was not that bad solo but I'd rate her third stage at par to Twin Princes or maybe even harder.
As for Gael, I never experienced it myself, because I always do Ariandel before Ringed City (and I never use summons) but I am like 90% sure his sign is there up until you kill demon prince, after that it dissapears, and it most certainly isnt there if you kill him at the end of Ringed City.
Yep my bad. It is demon prince. I did check it. I have no idea why Demon prince death removes Gael's sign but it does. Basic logic say it should be Gael fight but I guess FROM devs use some other kind of logic then everybody else. By now after all 3 DS games I should get used to it but kudos to them for still getting me confused.
And I thought abyss watchers was hard, this fight is absurd
I kinda stubled through Abyss Watchers on my first attempt with the NPC summon, but this one is like a brick to the face.
And I thought the dancer and gravetender was hard OH NO ARE SISTER FREID IS ON AAAANOTHER LEVEL
I hate to break it to ya, but Champions Gravetender & Gravetender wolf is somethin weak. I beat them both on my first try, but when I got to Sister Friede?That's when I almost decided to skip the DLC entirely and focus on the main game
Why does she do damage to me when I parry her?


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What are you parrying with?
Because she's cheap and Miyazaki hates us