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I had someone send me a lengthy string of hatemail because used this during a duel. I just hope that after his misguided sperg rage subsided he was able to realize that there is a button dedicated entirely to avoiding and even passing through attacks.
Buff the FUGS
I bet you did get hatemail... This spell is literally just an ez mode spam spell... The roll button doesn't change it's dumb hitboxes, speed, damage AND guard break ability. Like everything else, when used in moderation it's fine, but if you got a "string of hatemail" then its probably because you were spaming any time they got close like a casul.
The point is to use it right? Its not being a casul to use a spell, and choose that spell because of its strength. The spammers are predictable.
@the anon from 7/07/18: You think that's a good response, but it's just not. Knowing a pyromancer might be spamming black flame is like, no crap. You go in expecting that. This spell is just really good and ez to use in practice. Pointing out that the spell is good isn't an argument when you take in the
the fact that what was being said is that the spell is an ez mode spam spell, it's like yes, it's good.
just doge, spells are garbage in this game except for there dmg. if you cant doge this you probably think split-leaf is brokenly op
Only thing unfair about this spell is that it chains into two hits. Gives it way too much damage for it's speed, low fp cost, and poise break capability.
Yeah, but you have to actually hit someone with it - which is a skill unto itself, however cheesy.

I’m only SL90+, not a thesaurus on lame tactics, but no one has EVER hit me with this, or it’s little brother, and lots of people have tried.

Fire Surge on the other hand...
M8, I poise through this***** with both my Dark Claymore and Dark Exile Greatsword at SL 125 with 40VIG and END... You just need to AIM for those numbers. The only case where it's hard as all hell to get a reliable consecutive poisethrough without using a Weapon Art is if they're using a Parting Flame and hit you twice during the same animation AND you haven't reset your Poise. The fact that a true combo becomes four separate instances of Poise Damage is what makes it crazy strong against Poise-reliant weapons, but you can just avoid using the longest animations of your moveset and get the Poise needed to reliably poise through dry castings ( except maybe not with Halberds... those poor things got destroyed when they nerfed their Poise Health and now you need outrageously high Poise to do anything except WA with them, aside from the Crucifix, which is broken).
Ok maid dudes I don’t think the roll catches are from a broken hit box I think it could be latency. However I think I have some counters. Crossbow outrange this spell and r1 poke with a spear to prevent them from casting. Avoid demon scar users like me like the plague. That Black flame HAS A TRUE CANCEROUS COMBO. It’s one the most reliable combos but it is cancer so barley use it. Hunt down the passive players with endless aggression and crossbow shots. I think it might work but I’m not sure. Keep in mind I’m no great player but a pyro nonetheless. I’ll be happy to test this this if ur on PS4. Psn is h32504 or something like that. Send me a message and to set this up if ur having problems with countering black flame. Also I need to confirm this and I can’t do it myself as I never really see to many pyros. I’ll commen if it’s a counter if the counter works.
Mmmm roasted, medium rare host, with extra salt please.
you sure you don't want the salt on the side or on the host itself?
Would you like some cheese with that?
got kicked out by a pair of russians in the NK fight when I was using this to kill him. They thought I cheated :D
40/40, Blindfold Mask, ST Bellvine, Swamp Ring, Witch Ring, Dark Clutch ring, Lloyds Sword Ring to get that sweet 15% extra damage on top of everything, And finaly Sacred Oath to reach those sweet numbers that will get you all the grils on the internetz wet and in heat. I wish you all a happy apocalypse.
* throws knifes and uses a spear*
Add lothric war banner to that
Does Swamp and Witch Ring boost dark damage which consider pyromancy (but still do dark damage), or only "flame pyromanencies" are affected?
this page really needs to be fixed. it doesn't deal "double the damage" with pyromancer's parting flame. the parting flame has substantially less spell buff, though the trail is nearly guaranteed to land if the black flame itself lands, so the total damage ends up being slightly higher. but if you use any ranged pyromancies in addition to black flame, you're dealing significantly less damage with them in return for an extra damage tick that only lands at close range. anyway i do like the parting flame but this is really misleading
serious question, does magic(and thereby black flame) scale with its damage, or is it a fixed amount?
It scales with both intelligence and faith like all pyromancies,