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I just lost 30000 souls after this ****** hit me through a wall, love this game
gotta learn to live with it m8, 30k Souls is a large amount true, but later on, you can stack over 170k+ Souls in no time anyways.


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30K is a large amount around the time you reach Catacombs. But later on, 30K is very negligible amount. You'll accumulate 200K-300K often.



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Still better than Tarkus.
kill yourself.
You can also make him die to the Indiana Jone's skeleton ball if you spawn him near the rat chamber.
You can have him challenge his phantom. Alas the phantom for me at least died. After all, your greatest enemy is yourself.
when using tears of denial, if gets you to 1 hp using it he will think your dead and start his gesture, leaving him open
Does anyone think how does he comes into possession of the infamous Fume UGS? And his name is KNIGHT slayer?


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Protip: When you open the gate in the Catacombs by all the skeletons, you can lure him onto the bridge and destroy it for an easy kill.
Tsorig just won't invade me. I'm embered and Wolnir is still alive; Im offline on my computer, but that didn't stop Hodrick from invading me. What the hell's his deal?
Update: He never invaded, even when logging/quitting the game. I went along and killed non-invading npc Tsorig, and he dropped everything he normally does plus ksr and My Thanks. It worked out, I guess
I'm late but the gate you see locked, to right after Skeleton Ball & Bonfire, that Shortcut can be opened up by lever, to your right before bridge. That's his trigger, that lil hall after locked Bars
Note summoning Tsorig before killing npc Tsorig allows phantom Tsorig to kill Tsorig
Wombo Combo. Happy Feet. Dat ain't Tarkus.